Friday free-for-all! June 14th 2019

What if the hammer of higher interest rates never falls? If prices keep rising so young families cant afford to buy?

What’s going to happen to the Vancouver economy moving forward?

Just a few questions on our mind as we kick off another Friday free-for-all open topic discussion thread for the weekend.

Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes in the comments below and have a great weekend!

Next price uptick in 2021?

Central 1 credit union is forecasting further big drops in sales and a “marshmallow soft” market for the next few years.

The province’s median home resale price across the year is expected to decline 4.1 per cent in 2019, then a further 1.2 per cent in 2020. This will be followed by the most meagre of recoveries in 2021 with a 1 per cent rise, which doesn’t even bring the median back to 2019 prices.

The biggest short- to medium-term price declines are expected, unsurprisingly, in Metro Vancouver, said Yu – but this could be what puts the market back on track in the longer term.

“In Metro Vancouver, on a benchmark basis, prices are down around eight per cent and we’re expecting that to fall further, giving us a total peak-to-trough decline of about 12 to 15 per cent. So that will erase a lot of the gains we saw from 2016 onwards. But this should pull some people back into the market.

Read the full article here.

The good side of falling real estate prices

Over at the Globe and Mail commenters are ‘feeling the schadenfreude‘ over falling Vancouver real estate values.

JP Beauchesne:

As a 32-year-old, I am definitely feeling the schadenfreude here. Housing prices are unrealistically high across much of the country, and I would like few things better than to see that market crash so that I can have a shot at buying a decent house myself

Read all the select comments here.

Saturday free-for-all! Money laundering edition.

It’s been our position for years that money laundering isn’t a primary driver of the Vancouver real estate market, but we’re now willing to admit it may be a factor.

So, does anyone have any good money laundering tips? The government doesn’t seem to mind and it looks like a good way to fund retirement.

As always post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes in the comments below and have an excellent weekend!