Fame, Fortune and Forclosures in the U.S.A.

Things aren’t looking so good in the US housing market. Sales are down, prices seem to have peaked and are starting to drop in some places. And as we’ve seen in the past some people don’t react to turmoil in real estate values too well.

Just how bad has it gotten? Apparently the rich and famous can no longer afford to live in Wisconsin.

More than a bell is needed to save Dustin Diamond this time around. Diamond, best known as geeky Screech Powers on the 1989-1993 teen comedy series “Saved by the Bell,” is selling T-shirts with his photo on them to try to raise $250,000 so he doesn’t lose his gray two-story house under a foreclosure order.

For the whole story you can visit Diamonds website at http://www.getdshirts.com/.