The importance of "balls" in the Vancouver RE Market.

OK, so you look around and start to see ‘warning signs’ about the Vancouver Real Estate Market.. You know, things like interest rates going up or the fact that purchasing prices are up to three times the rental value of some condos, townhouses and apartments in Vancouver… And you start to worry riiiight? You start to think “but what if Vancouver realestate isn’t worth what its selling for right now?” or “what if the market is dangerously overheated and could be knocked down in a ‘market correction’ that could see my home value drop by thousands of dollars?”

You’re looking at home values dropping in some places in the states and warning signs that the US is headed into a recession and you’re worried that we might follow suit?

eh. easy come easy go I say.

But if you’re really freaked out and you want some sort of advice or encouragement?

I say balls to you.

Seriously. Get some balls, they will help you through any troubled times the may or may not lay ahead. You know those little stress balls? One for each hand, no problem – get a little worried just squeeze those fears away.

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