Leaky Condo’s in Vancouver BC

Got a leaky condo in the Lower Mainland? You’re not alone. The Coalition of Leaky Condo Owners (COLCO) has a website with resources and info at myleakycondo.com

It looks like they’ve even got a database of leaky condo buildings in Vancouver, but the information is currently offline.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may want to consider one of these buildings for a mushroom farming venture.

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Oops… I mean 'good'


Oh my goodness!! I haven't had this god a laugh for a long time!! I love reading your stuff!


Yeah, we've had this problem for a few years up here.. people seem to have gotten bored of it now though, buildings with a long history of problems that haven't been dealt with are selling just fine in vancouver right now. Seems like a lot of property is selling with no subjects or inspection. It's sort of like russian roullette for the buyer.


Uh oh. We had that problem down here in the Seattle area. Artificial stucko is my guess. So complicated to install a judge tossed out the manuf's defense on it because it was obvious that it was avoid product liability.The problem is it gets pinholes which cause water to get in and then capillary action spreads it around. Wait a few years and you get rot.The other biggy was the composite wood siding that would get wet and turn to mush.