think like a MILLIONAIRE!

Would you like an investment that DOUBLES YOUR MONEY every year to infinity? Would you like to become RICHER and RICHER without any effort while everyone around you scrapes and saves every last penny? Would you like to enjoy 4 meals a day at fancy restaraunts where the waitstaff is envious and frightened of your economic might?

Of course you would! Who wouldn’t?

So go where the smart money goes: VANCOUVER REAL ESTATE! Its the investment that can never go wrong. Just look at this graph:

graph taken from the vancouver housing market blog)

Over the last two years real-estate prices in Vancouver have risen dramatically.. What happens when we extrapolate these increases into the future? LIMITLESS RICHES! You can still purchase a 600 sq ft condo in Vancouver with a pleasant alley view and minor water ingress issues for under $400k. In just four years that same condo will be worth over THREE MILLION DOLLARS!

And the best thing about a real-estate investment is that it can make you money while it gains value! With a healthy downpayment you’ll pay just under $2000 per month for that condo, and you can rent it out for up to $800 per month. That might seem like a money-losing proposition at first glance, but you’ve got to THINK LIKE A MILLIONAIRE. How do you make money when you’re subsidizing your renters by $1200 a month? VOLUME! Rent that condo out four times over and you’re pulling in an easy TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH!!

Get in now before it’s too late!

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If you subdivide futher and people sleep standing up; I'm sure you can make another million or two. Better yet, a bed that doubles as a shower, why take up extra space.


Could I get a wristband to reserve my place for a T?

the pope

Oh no, that would be a mistake. Although historically some T-shirts have gone down in value, these T-shirts are different. They'll never show up for a lower price and they don't even exist yet! They'll keep going up up up as demand grows. I suspect that demand from wealthy foreign investors will make these T-shirts a very good investment (should they ever actually exist)


Since I'm frugal, I will wait till those T's show up in Value village.Or if I really feel I must have it now, could use permanent markers on an old T.I'll wait till the housing market can be found in Value village too.A penny saved, 3 pennies earned, or 5 maybe…? my friend Time will tell.

the pope

Hey! If you guys want to put that chart on T-shirts at least let me make a crisp full-res version for printing.. Gimme until the end of the weekend and I should be able to post a file suitable for printing.Does anyone know of a print-on-demand service like that is located in Canada? I've been very happy with their service, but the shipping from the states is a draaag.

Michael Randallbard

bearette….if you contact a screen printer and want to make a quantity of them I would be interested in buying some. I think that the graph should be used by the owner of the site as a permanent fixture and perhaps he would offer the shirts on this site. I'm POSITIVE that this shirt (not in white please) would be popular with thousands of people in Vancouver and that T-shirt shops would buy them for re-sale


Thank you for the best laugh I have had in ages. I howled. I am so printing this graph on a T-shirt.

Sell The View

Reducing the sq footage per person would mean compromising on quality. The real answer to "how to sell a condo N times over" is "timeshare". Every owner stays in the condo only for 1/N part of the year. What do they do for the part they don't stay in the condo you ask? Why rent of course — after all renting makes real economic sense. This way the condo "owner" gets the best of bosth worlds.


Why stop there? How much space does 1 bitter renter really need anyway? After all where I'm standing right now is really only 1 sf. Add an extra sf or two in case the renter needs to make hand gestures while talking or sneeze or whatever, and you have potentially up to 200 renters in that 600 sf studio! If they need to move around, well, just trade spots with another roomate. Sky's the limit! If they complain, just flash your statement of net worth under their noses and taunt them for being bitter jealous losers who aren't worthy of the lifestyle that ownership provides. I'm sure it'll be no problem finding occupants. Look at all the people on the street! Most won't be able to attain that precious "owner" status. And EVERYBODY in the whole wide freakin WORLD wants… Read more »


Ahahaha… I love this website

the pope

-anonymous: YES! even with NO MONEY DOWN you can become a millionaire. You can buy that vancouver condo with ZERO DOLLARS DOWN and once you divide it up into INCOME GENERATING RENTAL UNITS you will be FLOODED WITH LIQUID CASH INCOME!

the pope

No joke – it's simple economy of scale. Just subdivide that 600 sq foot condo into multiple dwelling units. Thats how it works all over the city.. They recently knocked down a single-family house in my neighborhood and are putting up a 32 unit apartment building in its place. It's called densification and it can work wonders on your bank account. It's not uncommon to see studio appartments around 300 sq ft in size, and these will become all the more common as the city grows.And while you're thinking about that- think about this: There are numerous people out there employed in shift work that are not home at night. What this means is that the real-estate value of a bed is actually devalued by at least half. Its simply not in use for more than half the day. In… Read more »


ok.. I'm thinking like a millionaire, but I don't get it. How do you rent out a condo 4 times? How do you get rent to cover the purchase price of a condo in vancouver, even with 100k down?This is a joke right?


This seems too good to be true! Even with no money down can I become a millionairee?