Whats wrong with bubbles anyhow?

What with Vancouver’s real estate market being so hot lately, there’s been a lot of talk about real estate ‘bubbles’ online and in the news.. even some of the banks have come out with statements warning of ‘bubble like activity’ in the vancouver market. Everybody seems to use the term bubble in a negative sense, but really, what’s wrong with bubbles?

Who doesn’t love to see a delicate bubble gliding through the air on a summer afternoon as you sip lemonade on your 15 sq ft. deck? Bubbles are fun! Bubbles are beautiful! Embrace the bubbles! love the bubbles! ..but not too hard or they may pop. Which I guess is why people speak of them negatively.

Yes, its true, some bubbles pop – but what about those that don’t? What about the bubbles that float through the air going up and up and up until you cant afford them anymore? What about those sort of bubbles?

Lets stop picking on bubbles, after all picking on bubbles is exactly the sort of activity bound to make them pop. Let’s enjoy the beautiful aspects of bubbles and tish-tosh to the nay-sayers.

Up with bubbles!

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Up yours.Aggression! tsk. tsk.


Up yours.


Pope, in just the past couple weeks I have seen numerous people put your well designed and thought-out system to work and I must say, I am jealous.These jubilant participants have clearly set their skyward course to becoming m[inus]illionaires in Vancouver Real Estate.Thank you for your insights and nice bubble pictures. I like bubbles. So pretty.


"Limitless upside and little to no risk – Anyone can become a Millionaire!"Tom, Tom Vu, is that you?


Bubbles suck.. They pop on your car leaving marks on the paint. And who ever heard of a bubble that never pops? wishful thinking.