How much will you pay me to look at your condo?

Concord Pacific is having a ‘moving sail and sales’ promotional event on July 29th with ‘bbq, live entertainment, free parking and prizes’. Hmm. I thought this was a super-hot market where you just hang up a shingle and prospective buyers stomp all over each other for a chance to bid on your property. Why are we having to lure people to a condo sales event? Kinda smacks of desperation.

Here’s what I say: BBQ is good, but I think I’d rather have it with friends, thanks.. My time is worth more than free parking and the chance to win a prize, so what else have you got? I’ll be happy to come and look at your condo sales pitch, but time is money. So at the very least you should match the common time-share sales pitch you get in Mexico, that is:

1) free car rental for a day
2) free tours of the ‘ruins of east hastings’
3) free food and
4) as much free booze as they can try to get into you before they try to get you to sign the paper work.

This is where I’ll start to consider coming to your sales pitch, anything less than that and I’m afraid its just not worth my time.

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I've been to one of those time-share sales pitches you refer to, and it hasn't gotten that bad here by a long shot.I'm not a big drinker and it was 11:30 am when I went to one (for a free car rental for 3 days!). I couldn't believe the pressure to have a drink. beer? daqueri? margarita? anything you want, just please have some booze!When they start doing that to sell condo's in vancouver then I'll start to worry!


whatever -Why so defensive? You're not worried about the condo market here are you?


basically having parties in the condo development and hiring models to pose as 'neighbors' in their underwear next door.Here's one like that:actors used for open housesThere's a company based out of dallas that hires actors to play the part of a happy family during an open house to help sell their homes.very weird.


Is this a sign of a crumbling market? I remember reading stories about different ways they were trying to sell condo's in places like miami and vancouver last year – basically having parties in the condo development and hiring models to pose as 'neighbors' in their underwear next door.weird.


I won't buy, but I'll show up.So why the hell would they want you to show up? You're not going to buy, you're just looking for a free lunch. Why waste their time?


I want a bucket of cash and nekkid dancing women. I'll show up for your sales event then. I won't buy, but I'll show up.