Looking for a way to pay the mortgage? Become an MP.

Say you own a condo in Vancouver and a house in Ottawa.. If you’re an MP that needs to move back and forth than you might need a little extra help covering those bills right? Well no problem! It turns out that MP’s get a $75 per day meal allowance that can be used to pay down the mortgage.

The per diem is in addition to a $25 daily accommodation allowance MPs receive year-round if they own a second house or condominium in the capital, and using it to buy a home is allowed despite a rule forbidding mortgage payments from a separate $24,000 expense allowance.

Combined, the per diem and the accommodation allowance could add up to $17,225 a year for house costs and mortgage payments if an MP spends only four days a week in Ottawa while Parliament is sitting.

The $25 daily accommodation allowance is available without receipts throughout the year as long as the MP does not rent out the residence.

Though the $75 per day comes from a meal allowance, I think it should be noted that eating houses is ill-advised and can lead to indigestion and nausea.

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I think people just expect politicians to take advantage of them. I predict you won’t hear much of an uproar about this.


Mmm.. asbestos!