Spice up your MLS listing with glowing adjectives!

So it looks like the real-estate market in vancouver is slowing.. Maybe this is just a summer lull, but what if you’ve got a house, townhome or condo for sale? How can you stand out and get your listing noticed? use THE POWER OF ADJECTIVES!

Adjectives are a powerful sales tool when used properly, magically turning your cramped leaky one bedroom condo into a palace that potential buyers will fight over, poking each other with sticks as they thrust sweaty fistfuls of money at you.

Lets look at an example – lets say the property you have for sale is your typical FTBB (first time buyer bait). Its around six hundred square feet in size and faces a major street. It has granite countertops, an open but small kitchen/dining/living room and a 4×5 storage room. The building had some leak issues in the past, but repairs were done. The suite faces south letting a lot of sun in during the day turning it into a hothouse. A straight forward listing might look like this:

Ground level 600 sq ft. 1 bedroom condo. Loud and hot, but not currently leaky. Open to offers.

Ok. Sure that’s straight-forward, but it sure isn’t going to move your property right? So lets drop in some of those glowing adjectives. It almost doesnt matter which adjectives you choose, or how accurate they are – they just need to be POSITIVE! and make the condo sound FANTASTIC! Use relative opinion-based terms like GIANT! BRIGHT! and QUIET! No one will sue you for a little creative elaboration. Sure it’s hard to sleep with the traffic, but compared to trying to sleep on the tarmac underneath a running 747 its QUIET, and its GIANT if you compare it to a breadbox. It’s also good to throw in promises of the purchase bringing the buyer PRIDE and JOY! So lets have another go at that listing shall we?

Be the envy of all your friends! Gorgeous, beautiful home with amenities galore! This HUGE 600 sq ft garden level condo is BRIGHT and QUIET. FANTASTIC central location with easy access to transportation! Gleaming granite countertops and open kitchen PERFECT for entertaining. Extra room could be home-office or 2nd bedroom in this SOLID reliable building. Act fast, this one won’t last!

So there you go. Just a few glowing adjectives and a little creative stretching of the truth – this will get them in there to look at the place, now all you’ve got to do is get all of your personal belongings out of there and rent some tiny furniture to make it look bigger. Hire a proffesional home stager to really do this right. After all you’re not selling a condo, you’re selling a DREAM!

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Some people are so gullible.gullible people make the market go 'round. They fuel the economy. If we run out of gullible people this things going to start going downhill fast. People are making major purchasing decisions based on a small view through a rear-view mirror.


"You should take advantgage of this opportunity to buy this from me now before I sell it for more later"HAHA! If I cant sell this place for this price, I'll just have to raise the price. Then it'll sell FOR SURE!Geeeeeeez.


What really gets me are those listings that go something like the following: "You should take advantgage of this opportunity to buy this from me now before I sell it for more later".Some people are so gullible.


Yes…and in West Vancouver many lots over 10,000 square feet are called "Estate-size".There is also a new development built on a "Legendary site" (still many units for sale more than one year later…mmmhhh! Bob Rennie sold Woodward's in a few hours and he is unable to sell 100% of this? even if units will have Sub-Zero fridge?)Go figure.