UBC: out with the old, in with the new condos!

Last week saw the destruction of one of the first buildings built at the UBC campus to make way for a new high-end condo development.

The Vancouver School of Theology’s Chancellor Building, inspired by English architecture, was built in 1927 and was one of the first major structures to be built at the Point Grey campus.

The chairman of the Theological Neighbourhood Planning Group said it was a “painful decision” to demolish it, but says the school needs the money to renovate its main building.

“We had to make a judgment call between this building and the other building, because one of them had to help pay for the other,” said Bud Phillips.

There are no heritage protection guidlines on campus and UBC is not answerable to any municipality. Those clinging to the past should keep in mind that everything new eventually becomes old, and UBC’s heritage condo stock will flourish in the far-off future.

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..and the best thing is that most of the condo's they put up here don't even need to be knocked down to make way for new ones. Leave 'em alone for a while and they'll fall down all on their own in a soggy leaky condo mess.


Good point – I say we encourage the Italians to knock over that crusty old Forum… ya baby – CONDO's!!!


progress requires that we knock down the old to make way for the new. Should we all live in stone buildings with no insulation or plumbing just because they are 'heritage'?


clapboard leaky condo's are NOT heritage buildings. Vancouver has very little architecture with any character or history as it is. We should be protecting what little architectural history we have.What a shame.