Are you ready to become so INCREDIBLY RICH that you no longer have to adhere to the standards and conventions of ‘civilized’ society? Are you TIRED of eeking out a day-to-day existence while you can smell THE REEK OF WEALTH all around you? Would you like to be able to walk through the mall without any pants and be so EXCESSIVELY WEALTHY that no one can utter a word about your pantless state, lest you unleash your personal squadron of vicious attack lawyers destroying their lives and reputations?

Well NOW you CAN!

Yes! Thanks to the MIRACLE of BOUNDLESS increases in PROPERTY VALUE you can now become a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE by investing in real-estate. And the best thing about it? This process requires NO EXPENSIVE COURSES OR SPECIAL EQUIPMENT. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge – In fact, you don’t even need a brain! THAT JUST HOW EASY IT IS!

Here’s how its done:

1) buy real-estate
2) sell real-estate (for more than you bought it for)
3) repeat and profit!

This SIMPLE MONEY-MAKING PLAN will see you swimming in your own personal GOLDEN BATHTUB filled with 50 dollar bills within a week. Within a month you will have SO MUCH MONEY coming in that you can hire people to MAKE MONEY FOR YOU. Within a year you will be so RICH, so INCREDIBLY WEALTHY that you will be able to buy yourself a SOLID GOLD SPHERE THREE HUNDRED MILES IN DIAMETER!

You will have the power to BUY AND SELL other people for your own amusement. Earth will be your playground and all that hear your name will COWER IN FEAR. So what are you waiting for? GET RICH NOW!

Why am I sharing my MONEY MAKING SECRETS with you? Because I care. I know that you personally have the RIGHT STUFF to dominate the globe and I want you to SUCCEED. And just to show you my generosity, my utter lack of personal greed or selfish motivation, I have just the thing to get you started. It’s a small leaky condo on the east side and it can be your stepping stone to UNLIMITED MIND-BOGGLING RICHES.

And because I care about you, I’m starting the bidding at only $600k. You can email offers to me at

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Is there a WCI of Vancouver? I.e., a HB to short with lots of exposure to Vancouver condos.what about chandler properties? Whoops! nevermind!


Is there a WCI of Vancouver? I.e., a HB to short with lots of exposure to Vancouver condos.

the pope

I'll do you one better than that aetakeo – I'll send you a FULLY NON-FUNCTIONAL TRAVEL ALARM CLOCK so that you can learn the HIGHLY LUCRATIVE art of self-taught TRAVEL ALARM CLOCK REPAIR! This will be a VALUABLE SKILL to fall back on should anything completely unforseen happen to the THRIVING REAL-ESTATE MARKET!DON'T DELAY! ACT TODAY!


But, pope, what if I am not yet convinced? Will you send me a functional travel-alarm clock to sweeten the deal?

the pope

If lalaland can do it SO CAN YOU! ACT NOW so you can start building that castle out of GOLD BRICKS on a PRIVATE ISLAND cared for by your PERSONAL WAIT-STAFF serving you delectible foods made out of the FINEST ENDANGERED SPECIES! You will be able to LAUGH at the rule of law! You will be ABOVE THE LAW! just like STEVEN SEGAL! HURRY!


Your book on getting rich in RE has changed my life. I started one month ago and made $325,000.00 without any money. It's simply amazing how many greater fools are out there. I just bought a home yesterday for $525K and listed it today for $600K and just got 100 offers. Thanks again.



the pope

Why are you wasting your time reading these comments? Send me your money NOW and GET ON THE BUS TO UNLIMITED WEALTH!!!!