You think WE have small expensive houses?

smallest house everSo you think property in Vancouver is small and expensive. You’re looking at a 700 square foot condo and wondering how it can be worth $400,000? That’s not expensive, THIS is an expensive house. At £80 billion per square metre, this house outprices anything anywhere near the lower mainland. Actually it outprices anything in Britain as well. But because its small enough to fit on the head of pin the whole thing will only cost you £20,000.

British artist Willard Wigan specialises in micro sculptures and built this house to fit on the top of a dressmaker’s pin. At just 0.5mm across It may be a bit cramped and I don’t believe it comes with insuite laundry, but it’s so portable that the maxim ‘location is everything’ becomes infinately adaptable.

Hot Tip: invest in pinheads.

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Ah! Investing for pinheads!Where do I park my SUV?


This is a great concept. Housing for micro-organisms.We need more of these ideas to satiate the rich and stupid.