Animal maxims for investment strategies

What’s that old saying again?

Bears miss out on opportunities to make buckets of cash with no effort, Bulls keep betting till they go broke, and Pigs wallow in their own filth until such time as they are ready to become delicious crispy strips of bacon.

Mmmm.. Bacon.

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d_oush,permabulls, and permabears for that matter, are not rational. They will run off a cliff and hit the ground before they know what hit them.


Why do you say bulls keep betting till they go broke? I think that a sensible person with a bullish slant will keep their eyes open for signs that it is time to sell, not keep betting till they go broke.


Hey digi, what about badgers that always remind people what they forgot?heheh.On a side note, I'm not a big fan of pork rinds, but anybody ever try turkey bacon?


Mmmm, pork rinds.Sow's ears.Silk purses.Wag the dog.


You forgot squirrels that keep their nuts hidden away for a rainy day.