Burnaby is an incredible investment!

With sales dropping in Vancouver you may be looking for the next ‘sure-thing’ investment in lower mainland real-estate. Where can you get in and ride prices up-up-up and away?


Seriously. If the Oma Developement on Madison Avenue is anything to go by this is a can’t lose investment. This 647 sq. foot condo was originally listed in May 2004 for a price of $207,900. It is still available for you to buy, but is now priced at $325,900! Thats nearly a doubling of value even without anyone buying it!

There are several reasons why you should consider buying this unit:

1) Its only 1 minute away from Vancouver!*
2) Price is going up. Buy now before you are priced out forever.
3) Buy it now before its gone. They’re not making any more land to build condos on and there are only 334 suites available.
4) Bob Rennie!®

*not downtown Vancouver, but the far east side of Vancouver that is one minute away from Burnaby.
® actual Bob Rennie not included with suite purchase.

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San Burnabino?


Irrespective of the locations, Vancouver or Burnaby, all concrete highrises develop pbs in due course.These links provide glimpses on repairs and maintenance of an Ex-leaky condo 10-year young, that just had – a 22% increase in monthly strata fees- on top of that, a one-time collection of $300 per unit for CRFIt appears there are still minor pbs such as cracks in balconies, floor slab edges, water seepage in underground parking garage – below grade perimeter walls – below grade roof deck, leakage into stairwell, concern re envelope to merit a professional review, anticipated expensive maintenance of mechanical systems …http://tinyurl.com/yj8kxxhttp://tinyurl.com/yk4pty


Thanks for the laugh, that was a great post.Oh wait, I just wasted time by sitting here and laughing. I'd better get on this before I laugh myself out of the market.


El Burro?El Burrito?


How about La Surr/ee (with accent egu on the first "e") !

the pope

Hey Rick – No problem, I just removed the first one. Clearly the way to solve that issue is to come up with a more market-friendly name for a burnaby development..Burnabaria?La Burnita?The Boundary?Hmm.. This is harder than I thought.


You're not a true chi chi neighbourhood unless your condos are named things like "Pomaria" and "La Vita", and have their own web sites like <a href="http://www.yaletowninfo.com” target=”_blank”>www.yaletowninfo.com or <a href="http://www.arbutuswalktalk.com” target=”_blank”>www.arbutuswalktalk.com. Somehow you just can't market "Burnaby" in that way.


Burnaby is getting to be as big a rip-off as Vancouver. No joy in the Lowermainland!


Hey, why not rename Boundary Road to Vancouver Ave., and rename Sperling to Boundary Rd., shift Vancouver east a bit, and you're in Vancouver!And why is Rennie marketing this? Has he lost his "boldness", and moved to the suburbs?


"There are several reasons why you should consider buying this unit:4) Bob Rennie!®"mwaaAWAAA hahaaHA HA HA…wiping of my tears.


nix that: Burnaby was potentially an incredible investment, is now a land of deflating assets like the rest of the lower mainland.