Costco comes to Yaletown

Remember when you had to drive all the way out to richmond for your 30 litre containers of Tang? It would take $15 bucks worth of gas and by the time you got there your latte would be cold?

Total drag man.

Well if you live downtown your life is about to change for the better with the new Yaletown Costco.

The cheese selection has been expanded to bring in products that might appeal to shoppers who aren’t just looking for cheese to slap on a school sandwich.

In clothing, a popular area for Costco shoppers, the brands will include such upscale names as Louis Vuitton, Ross said.

“This is a place where you can buy tires and a two carat diamond ring for $19,699,” he said.

Ross said the decision to open a store in the downtown core was made to meet the demands of “one of the most densely populated areas in North America.

“I think sometimes there is a misconception that Costco is always about bulk food products,” he said. “Coming into a Costco, the first thing you hit is major appliances and electronics, plasma TVs, iPods and high end electronics.

“I think that fits very well into the downtown market.”

Awesome! But where am I going to find room in my 500 square foot condo to store all that cheese?

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i can see all those office workers walking over and coming to costco for a cheap lunch and samples and shopping around. Imagine them buying a box 60 roll of toilet paper and taking it home via the WestCoast Express. hehe 🙂


with all this talk of cheese I'm getting hungry..Anybody got a costco membership I could borrow?


Wouldn't it be quicker anyway to go to the Walmart in N. Van than one on Marine Drive? If you time the Lions Gate right, the N. Van one is about 15 minutes away. I'd rather do that than try and head south towards Marine.Anyway, I'm over Wal-Mart. I'm too hoity-toity to bother, but I will head over to Costco this weekend for a bargain diamond or two.


Dam, I'm sticking to drinking here on in.It looks as if your antennae need adjustment.


Should startThere's AN article…..Dam, I'm sticking to drinking here on in.


You need a membership for Costco and it costs a few bucks. Deters the people on the lower end of the $ totem pole. I can't see anyone in the downtown area wanting an RV parking all night in the Wal-Mart lot. Wal-Mart also appeals to lower wage earners so the 'foo foo' Yaletowners may have a coronary if you had 'poor' people frequent their neighbourhood. Costco attracts a slightly more up-scale clientele so it would be the better option for the Yaletowners.Yaletown is getting quite densely populated and, in my opinion, is no longer such an appealing area to frequent. As usual, developers will take money over maintaining a good thing (the Yaletown neighbourhood).

the pope

You're not very busy at work today are you VHB? Heheh. You'd still have to drive down to Marine drive to do your shopping, keeping it downtown could save a lot of gas + emissions. This could be part of the reason behind their pro-costcofication and anti-wallmartery.That said, I find wallmart somewhat depressing, but I could care less if there was one on marine drive, downtown or out at UBC.


Allow me to rant, slightly politically, if you will:WTF was the big deal by COPE about the green and sustainable walmart down on marine drive? Why were they not allowed but COSTCO was? Did one and not the other contribute to COPE's coffers? Is it simple anti-walmart snobbery?I live downtown and I like to shop at walmart for certain things – way way cheaper. Because there isn't one close by, I have to drive, thus generating lots of greenhouse gases etc. How does that help anybody? Let the people have their walmart, costco, or whatever kind of store!