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Steveb over at realestatetalks posted a link to honestrealestate.ca, and it is perhaps the most entertaining and bizarre example of an honest realtor in BC.

He offers his views on the Fraser Valley market (last updated June 06):

Residential Real Estate SALES so far in 2006 are running at what should become ALL-TIME NEW RECORD-LEVELS! (quickly and decisively topping previous-record 2005, which in turn topped year-earlier record 2004). May 2006 registered as the HIGHEST MAY we have ever seen. Any listing that is at all ATTRACTIVE usually SELLS VERY FAST, often with competing MULTIPLE OFFERS (and selling prices often HIGHER than asking price!).

He also offers spiritual advice and commentary on his status as a wingless earth-angel:

This Realtor, in addition to being an extraordinary and exemplary realtor, is now TOTALLY convinced he is wingless, living ‘EARTH-angel’, in a here-&-now godless heaven. –and, is THIS ever a whole BUNCH OF FUN! — just ASK ME!–

– I’m quickly getting into better physical condition, having so far dropped over 20 lbs.
– I’ve got truly huge amounts of energy & an infectious grin on my face. When I walk into a room, others can readily sense the energy coming from me. Most respond very warmly, positively. A few panic!
(they’ll get over it, no one will get hurt)
– I now operate brilliantly on about 1&1/2 hours of sleep a night
– Food seems to be optional, no longer mandatory!
– I can suddenly cook ‘like an angel’
– I’ve got nearly-infallible INTUITION (when I remember to rely on it)
Sex, even with just
myself, is a whole new adventure every time. With my 59th birthday around the corner, I run around with a near-CONSTANT ERECTION that the viagra people would SIMPLE LOVE to be able to SELL you!).



.. oh, and thats not all, not by a long shot. Many more details including his connection with the rats, how to talk fun with dogs and his goal of converting as much of the world as possible into living earth angels who are ready to ride ‘the love train‘ – All this and more available at honestrealestate.ca

Just when I was starting to lose interest in Vancouver real estate something like this comes along.


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How many realtor are there in Vancouver right now, and how are they doing with sales not going so well right now?Hopefully thats not a real expensive habit.


Uh, can you say "meth addict?"


this guy is suffering an episode of mania (as in manic depressive illness) or is taking stimulants


The agent 'silverman' on realestatetalks says he's met the guy before when he had a unit in guilford up for sale, so apparently this is real.I can't believe he's posted previous clients phone numbers on his site, thats just baaaad.


hey he's getting a lot of attention. So in some way his strange strategy works. Would you go to this guy to do a deal? Maybe not, but maybe you would have a chat with him to see what he is really like; and wham, you like him and he's in.Strange times, strange methods.


Thank you for posting this Pope. I think I've found the agent of my dreams. He even dislikes other salesmen, who could ask for anything more?


Can it possibly be for real? The site has names, addresses, phone numbers of previous buyers and sellers, and some purchase/sale details listed! I wouldn't want my details posted on his site.


Oh yeah, his wife is now my wife, and she's never going back!


He's not he Earth Angel!I am. Plus, I invented the Internets, and came up with the formula for Viagra in a dream. Mr. So-Called-Earth-Angel was one of my early test subjects, and I hadn't worked out the metabolisis yet. That's why he still has a boner.


This guy needs a the jacket with the extra-long wrap-around sleeves. Give me a break. This is bad comedy.


I gotta admit, I am kinda intrigued.I agree! I think we need MORE realtors like this! It's not like the majority of 'normal' realtors aren't strange in their own way anyways. I'm tired of the cel-phone toting, suit wearing, fake-tan realtors with bluetooth headsets, I say bring on the wingless earth angels!


Far out! ..and I thought the market was crazy!Where can I get my tickets to this 'love train'?


<a href="http://www.honestrealestate.ca/http://www.honestrealestate.ca/<br />Well its different all right. I kinda like how he spells some of this stuff out to the buyer though.I gotta admit, I am kinda intrigued.


Huh? I thought buyer's agency fee was a percentage. How would you know what 50% is upfront if you havent found a house yet?


"You pay me, up-front and NON-REFUNDABLE, 50% of my Buyer's Agency Fee (and the GST), and we contract to find your new home. This contract spells-out BOTH What you want and What I'll do to help you find it." An up-front 50% non-refundable commission. I'd have a constant boner too.


That can't be for real!