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I’ve had a request to turn off anonymous comments to fix the signal to noise ratio on this site, but for now I’m opting not to. I’m interested in both sides of the housing debate and I’d like to keep it easy to comment here.

The drawback is that we get some odd, possibly insulting and not well thought out comments. We see this from both sides of the debate, but I’m hoping for a sensible post about why our market is ‘worth it’ right now and not just incredibly overpriced. As long as the main argument in favor of buying right now is to ‘grow some balls’ and ‘move out of your mothers basement’ I’ll be steering clear of anything near ‘market value’ in the lower mainland. What you do is up to you.

I will keep an eye on the jerry springerfication factor and if the consensus among those of you that post reasonable well researched points is that easy comment posting just isn’t worth it, I’ll reconsider my position.

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the pope

Anon 7:26, thanks for posting. How about using your google account even If I don't force it? It does help in general conversation to have a name other than anonymous attached to your input.Interesting to hear your point of view though, why do you say "only a whacko would buy before Spring at the earliest"?


First as an anonymous poster I will start using my google account if you turn off anon comments option. I am just lazy.Second, I used to post on VHB as a hard core bull and I bought in Feb 2005. I did make a profit and dumped in Septemebr this year. I am now ready to buy, I have the money, the mortgage, and the need. But only a whacko would buy before Spring at the earliest.


Real estate has become a frivolous expense in Vancouver and it's akin to buying a german luxury car.That is just the thing. People don't see obscenely expensive Vancouver real estate as pricy, they see it as a road to riches. Once affordability constraints bring about a yoy decline, the emperor will be very naked.


It is amazing what people will do to try and impress other people. I used to think like that but then you realize it's pointless.Our RE is way over-priced and something that I am staying away from until we get a sane market. If that doesn't happen soon then it's off to another area. Our market is so out of whack that it would cause me to moe and I really like it here.

Grover Borequist

re-diculous, obviously because you need to broadcast to friends, co-workers, associates, potential mates etc. that you are prosperous and that you can afford to buy real estate even if you really can't. Real estate has become a frivolous expense in Vancouver and it's akin to buying a german luxury car. It's pointless and costly in the long run if you don't care about impressing other people.


owning will force you to save.If you have CASH money in the bank you will spend it on wasteful stuff.Shame on you. ; )


Okay, let's try it. Given that: – I'm keen to own my own place- I currently rent my own place, (not my mother's basement); and- I'm reasonably good at mathTell me why I would spend more than double per month to own the exact same place as mine, one floor above, after the 25% downpayment, than I currently pay to rent the same space…what is the fundamental real estate principle that I am missing? Am I scared? Have I not got any balls?….what?