repairs: 1025 1027 1029 w. 7th ave.

This little unit on west 7th in Fairview is looking sassy in blue with a bit of an ‘over the shoulder’ effect working for it. The flat roof says ‘I don’t give a damn about the weather’ while the stucco says ‘let the sun shine!’. This is a stylish and daring look, but I can’t imagine that the fully blue view from inside would be all that great.

send your leaky tarp covered condo pictures for the repair photo album to:

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nice overhang!What overhang?exactly.

the pope

Hey woodenhorse, I've heard of other people having this problem, I'm not sure what can be done about it. It does seem very poorly thought out.Can you sign up for a gmail account and then link that to your blogger account keeping your handle?If you need an invite for a gmail account just email me, and stick around even if you're posting as anonymous.


WH again: Why would implement a system that screws its own users is beyond me.


OT (I know great for a first post):Pope: this is woodenhorse. I can't post in any beta blogs. My blogger account has a user name that the gmail account is owned by someone else. Everytime I try and post, it fails the pword check.See ya on the flipside.Cheers,Woodenhorse