Tiny rooftop condos

This is an interesting design and apparently they are available to buy now. The loftcube is a semi-portable living space designed to be air dropped onto empy rooftops and make use of that wasted empty sunny space. I wonder what the city would say if you set one of these up on the roof of your apartment building?

There are two models, one is 420 sq feet and the other is 588 sq feet priced at $USD $136k and $180k respectively.

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westside daddy

what a joke! its glorified cardboard box for +100k usd!!! can u imagine govt handing out these flimsy things to homeless junkies and then trashing it in 5mins.


And less than $200k US! What a great deal.I must admit I do like some of the design features they've got in there, like the plumbing of window walls.. If you're going to make tiny homes they better be pretty efficiently designed!

the pope

Yes, but these are shiny-new trailers that are moved by helicopter to the Trailer Park of the Future!


They've had these for decades now…they're called trailers.