Yaletown Park ready to flip.

Apparently some people just don’t get the concept of a Vacation. VHB has stopped posting on the Vancouver Housing Blog, but we still see him lurking around the comment sections of boards around town. Clearly someone forgot to take his internet connection away.

I got a note from VHB just yesterday pointing out that Yaletown Park is now showing up on MLS. He’s also seeing a 25 unit jump in rental listings downtown, not including craigslist. I just checked craigslist and I count at least 15 units in Yaletown Park up for rent right now, most offering ‘free rent until Jan. 1st’.

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oops my mistake it's $1690/mo


anon- if you think 1300-1400 is expensive for yaletown, check out $1600/mo for a 1 br in Richmond..http://vancouver.craigslist.org/apa/243716497.html


I would be wary of the 'cheaper' rental prices. These may be people looking to fill the unit so that they can use the tenant for 'staging' to sell the place. This can sometimes leave the tenant on the way out in one year…


Check out http://www.housingmaps.com/ and zoom into downtown Vancouver, filter $1,000 to $1,500 rentals. Look at that crowd around YTP.


Is there a list somewhere with an estimate of the number of condos completing in central vancouver over the next 2 years?


<a href="http://vancouver.craigslist.org/apa/250781927.htmlhttp://vancouver.craigslist.org/apa/250781927.htm… />This would be the cheapest I've seen for YTP on CL which I find to be the more used by anyone for posting rentals (canada.com is starting to suck…)Now… while listed as a 1 bedroom, it is in fact only 500 square feet.Still… given the supposed tight rental market, its brand new… location etc, thats about the most that size should go for…Unfortunently they are still trying to charge $13-1400…I love the guys who are trying to get that much for units near the Joyce Skytrain… c'mon now!!!!This one to me though takes the cake of 'don't need to upgrade… just charge it!' crap… this is an embarassment to be asking that muchhttp://www.myhomevancouver.com/addetails_map.aspx?postid=17133#photo

Van Housing Blogger

Twarog says December for YTP2 and February for YTP3, but who knows.

Van Housing Blogger

I count 878 between the three of them.My source has YTP1=299YTP2=309YTP3=270I have no good information on completion dates. Early next year, I suspect.

the pope

Fair enough!When are YTP 2 & 3 due for completion? Just how many units is that going to be?

Van Housing Blogger

Hey – posting comments on someone else's blog is a lot easier than making your own posts. This *is* a vacation.Go YTP 1! Go YTP 2! and you too YTP 3 – you go girrrl!