BC Assessment open to the public.

Myraa Posted this link to the BC assessment website which is open to the public and free to use until March 15th. This is a treasure trove of information if you are curious about assessed values on property in Vancouver, and includes info on sales that took place last year. You can search by address to check a block of homes at a glance.

From the BC assesment site:

Assessments and Sales by Address is a free, online service that enables BC property owners to audit our assessments by comparing the value of their property to others in their neighbourhood. It is available during the property assessment appeal period from January 2 to March 15, 2007.

They will also email you detailed property reports through their sales select system.

Thanks Myraa!

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Thanks Myraa!


Wow. I see that one acquaintance paid around $100k over assessed price on a new house while another paid more than $500k over assessed price! I wonder if they'll do that again this year to help keep the market up?


So if assessed values drop we all have to pay less taxes right?Great research tool, thanks!