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One of the best things about running this blog is the commentary from the readers. I appreciate your posts whether I agree with them or not, and I love seeing on-topic links to current Vancouver real estate news or commentary. Unfortunately Blogger doesn’t make it very easy to make clickable links, italics or bold text in your post comments. To do these three formating tricks you need to use some basic HTML. I’ve had a request to make a little cheat sheet for those of you that want to put links in your comments so here it is:

<a href=””>link text</a>

This is probably the easiest way for you to add a clickable link to your comment text. You can simply copy the above HTML code and replace my URL ( with the URL of the page you want to link to, and replace the words ‘link text’ with whatever you want the link to say. Just make sure you have the “quotes” around your URL or blogger will complain.

To make text bold use this simple code replacing the words “bold text” with your own:

<b>bold text</b>

creating italic text is very similar:

<i>italic text</i>

So there you go! It may seem a bit strange at first, but with practice it becomes pretty simple. I’ll add a permanent link to this post on the sidebar soon for future reference. If you have any question just post them below.

Now back to the real estate!

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very helpful. thx


It works!hahah!


Thanks! I also see that you can click 'show original post' above to grab a copy of that here. I'm going to test it:Heres an article about builders rushing to get permits before new rainscreen rules come into effect for homes:builders rush for permits