Farewell Anonymous

Well, I’ve gone and done it. I’ve turned off anonymous comments. Everyone is welcome to sign up for a blogger account and post away under a user name – You will of course remain anonymous, you just won’t be called anonymous. If you’re posting at the Vancouver Housing Blog, Vancouver Unrealestate, BC Housing or Mohicans new blog you already have an account that will work here.

Reductimat, wannaget2calgary, anonymous and all others that requested I get rid of anonymous comments: you were right and I was wrong. Its very hard to track a conversation happening between a bunch of anonymous posters and we were getting too many insults going back and forth. Can’t we all just get along?

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eek said the introvert


anonymous said… You're right, this is so much better!! Clever. It's a McMoniker for the ages.


You're right, this is so much better!!

the pope

Welcome to the light jim, if you start feeling to un-anonymous just remember: we still can't tell if you're jim green or jim carrey.


Just testing my new lack of anonymity. I feel so vulnerable out here in the light.