Stadium housing.

Bob Rennie has a plan: Tear down the leaky stadium and replace it with (hopefully non-leaky) condos.

He estimates the land BC Place sits on is worth anywhere between $250 million and $400 million, depending on the kind of density the City would allow. “So if you look at that value and what the province and the City could do with that money elsewhere, there’s just no return in owning it as BC Place so that you can have the Pope or the Queen come every 10 years.”

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I think he needs to read the article below..he might change his opinion soon…


Just when you think he couldn't hit a new high in lows. I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to find ways to develop the area of Stanley Park that was hit by the storm, but just wasn't getting any airtime.


Here's another idea: Don't bother knocking it down, just move people in. Everything you need is already there: a central location, bathrooms, showers, kitchen and seating galore. Sell seats to sleep in, with a contract that you have to leave during events (unless you buy a ticket to said event). All we need is a catchy name to market it under. Hmm..I've got it: The Bubble-you!


This just in as well!!!: A local fox recommends that the metal used in chickenwire (mainly zinc,tin and steel) could yield a better return if put to use in other applications.Fortunately, local media was either too stupid or too lazy to ask if said fox had any reason for bais in his comments.


I'm going to chime in with my 2nd first comment of the day. I seem to be in a minority believing that we should keep BC Place.1. Its paid for, don't underestimate the value of this. The government would sell the land and cash the check. What motivation is there to spend $200+ million to build another 60,000 capacity facility for the limited events it sees?2. Its central to transit and the population center of the Lower Mainland. Try going to a Senators games in Ottawa's, or the Patriots at Gillette stadium outside Boston to see what a colossal blunder it is to locate these buildings away from people and transit.3. Bob Rennie supports it. I think he's the 2nd coming of Tom Vu.