FOR SALE: Magic Beans.

For Sale: 3 lightly used magic beans. Will steadily increase in value as long as you ‘believe’. Motivated seller. Hurry!


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the pope

Quack: Oh, they're magic alright! I just priced them low for quick sale. If they don't sell by the end of the month I'm raising the price by 20%.Buy NOW!!


Those don't look like magic beans to me. And if they were, you'd want a lot more money than you're asking. Nice try, dude. You must think I'm pretty stupid.


If they were real kidneys there might be a real market for them.Try E bay?

the pope

kally: these beans are a solid investment choice. They come with a 2/10 warranty, if up to two of them leak or mold within 10 days I'll replace them free of charge!


make sure you check these beans carefully. I think last year they were soaked for use in a stew. Since then they have been dried out and are being offered as "first time beans" Get a bean inspector to examine them carefully for signs of moisture and internal wetness.Careful now, there are a lot of these beans on the market around here.

the pope

satv: Don't worry, I've got thousands more that will be available this summer, and several thousand more over the next year.Buy now before they're all gone!


…..the market will revert to the bean as it has in the past


SOLD OUTThanks for calling


Got any more pictures??


Do you realize if you sell your beans now, you will never be able to buy back the beans? Ever!What is wrong with you man? Don’t you know everyone in the world will soon come to visit us, and will see how unique these beans are, having grown on the mountains by the sea.387 k may seem a lot now, but by 2010 they will be worth 1.2milMy grandpa bought some beans just like yours, and he paid 7k, and now he can get 500k.I wouldn’t sell those beans if I were you.