Market that Yaletown livin!

Wow. A local developer has taken to marketing their building in Yaletown with an episodic web video that is kind of, how should I put this? .. dismal. Maybe I’m just not in the right target market, but I’m really not seeing the appeal of this low budget sit-com about stalking neighbors and the ‘Yaletown lifestyle’.

They’ve got the Sun & Chicago Tribune to write up articles about it, so it may just work as marketing. They’ve done everything they can to make yaletown look appealing with the ideal of selling a ‘lifestyle’ instead of just a condo, but it all just looks kind of cheap and as far as I can tell this is the lesson:

Buy a 500 sq foot condo in Yaletown to prove that you can. There are friendly people there. You will have fat grumpy neighbors to complain about, but they will move to Spain. You will then be free to spend the rest of your time trying to guess the sexual orientation of the other beautiful people that live in your building. Your condo is fabulous! Yaletown is a lifestyle!

..or something to that effect.

And now you really want to see it don’t you? Alright, I’m going to play right into their diabolical marketing plan and give you the link, but don’t come crying to me when you feel all dirty and underwhelmed.

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Snap Up Real Estate

FANTASTIC, If you know what I mean. I thought that first episode was going to turn into bad porn. More funny that anything.


"I can't really tell what their marketing angle on it is though."I think it's the angle of the RE market is causing people to take it up the rear when they buy an overpriced condo. The "hung like a horse" line as he squeezes his cheeks in joy was disgusting. Actually it is a new low for the RE bizz if you ask me.


This was pretty damned funny. I'm looking forward to the next 2 episodes! My Wednesday and Friday are looking up!I can't really tell what their marketing angle on it is though.

el bbub

wow, that is something. Damn.. the hell with Donovan… let me see the rest of this movie!!! hahaha.btw: Props to Cressey marketing team or whoever., bold move. even tho I'm with bears I do wish you luck.


OFFERING ALWAYS HELPmillions trillions dollar projects are not less then hollywood movies, developer to small shop keeper wants to sell their product quick and know when movie goes flop everybody look back what's missing so they are trying to introduce their over all look with theme through comon people are target to get into final sale.For kind informationCONCORD PACIFIC DEVELOPMENT they have just won five georgia award for their projects add and sales team.Their buildings looks awesome and expensive material and design's makes them looks beautiful their architects do awesome work their way to advertise is awesome and their buildings run with digital technology lots to read….I mean to say these kind of tricks make people think of product which sells easly.Also gives a edge over old products offering always help


holy shitballs!


Dagnabbit! I just took Flash off my machine again (I can't stand it when websites Flash ads at me).I'm sure it's a real skin-crawling affair though. Marketing does that to me.


Jesus Pope, those videos take the bloody biscuit so far for Van real estate marketing!


I kinda like it. I think it is a smart idea. Either way, I did watch it.


I've watched all three episodes and for some reason will find the time to watch it to completion… It's pretty darn awful and I think that's why I watch it (it's like a train wreck… gotta see what happens next). Going by the video… what is Donovan's target market? And is it an ad for Donovan or a late night chat-line?I give them a thumbs-up for being bold. And a thumbs-down for being lame.

the pope

I love the production value. It looks like it was made in the early nineties by students with a handycam and a hard-on for Melrose place..Wouldn't this work better if the apartment looked like somewhere you'd want to live?