Travel deficit hit record high in 2006

According to this article at the Globe and Mail, the International travel budget deficit for Canada hit a record high in 2006. This is the difference between money spent by Canadians outside of Canada vs. money spent by others visiting Canada.

The deficit — the difference between spending by Canadians abroad and spending by foreigners in Canada — jumped $1.4-billion to an estimated $7.2-billion in 2006. The travel deficit has increased every year since 2002, more than quadrupling in the process.

The burgeoning deficit was the result of record spending abroad: Canadian residents spent an estimated $23.6-billion outside the country in 2006, up 6.2 per cent from the previous high in 2005. Foreigners in Canada spent about $16.4-billion in 2006, a slight decline from the previous year.

So although foreign tourism dollars have declined slightly, most of the difference is accounted for by increased spending by Canadians traveling.

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TickTock said… [a bunch of stuff debunking the myth about Vancouver being in the same league as the great cities of the world].Thanks for that. I get tired of hearing the BS about Vancouver.


Interesting article speaking of a travel deficit to Canada… applaude Mexico for dumping hundreds of millions of dollars into their economy to draw all that foreign investment just like we're doing with the Olympics. Oh wait…silly me…I keep getting those pesos and dollars mixed up.


there are tonz of place like Vancouver in the world I'll agree with you on that one point satv.Having said that, Vancouver isn't like San Fran, definitely not a transportation dream like Zurich, the library does not even compare with the Coliseum in Rome, our beaches are oil pits next to Miami, our lofts are matchboxes compared to New York, and our night life is unfun next to the vibrant lights of London, and well…next to Paris…I suggest you take a trip there.I've been to all of these cities in the last two years…and as much as we all love Vancouver…it's undisputable that Vancouver is behind in so many ways which is more and more evident in articles like this one.One thing these cities didn't do is add water and poof…instant city. Cities cannot be planned to perfection….funny when you… Read more »


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Wow!Looks like satv finally found someone that dances to the same tune….whatever the hell that might be.


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I hear Halifax is nice this time of year…

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digi: Simple solution, only home owners are allowed to leave the country from now on. This will act to reduce temptation to leave our little 'paradise'.


What happens if our potential FTBs find out there are mountains and water in other places of the world where you can buy a house for less than $500k?