Who wants to live in luxury?

..So who wants to live in luxury?

Everyone apparently. Just take a look around Vancouver at the thousands of new condo units currently under construction – its getting harder and harder to find housing that isn’t marketed as
‘luxurious’. From ‘luxury’ basement suites to 400 square foot ‘luxury’ condos in the downtown core, we must live in the most luxurious city on earth!

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I'll be taking refuge in Montreal for a few years. Plan to return post-Olympics to live in a luxury condo slump. Overall, this bubble might be a good thing. Soon college students on student loan can afford to live in condos with granite countertop and hardwood floor.

patiently waiting

I'm sure seeing a lot of people fishing for suckers. They have no pressing need to sell or they would price their units below others in the same building or development that have been sitting for months…not above.

patiently waiting

In 5 years, the new Whalley condos will be slums.The new condos in downtown New West near Douglas College will be mainly student housing.The poor have to live somewhere.


There is a reason why they're priced that low. Anyone who's been to Whalley would know that.I tried to imagine myself living there and I couldn't.


they are still low in absolute terms, starting around $109k? You might be somewhere close to cash positive renting it out, but who knows… $120k for 400 sq/ft 1 bdrm. Won't cashflow in Walley. Some FTB's might put up with living in Walley for the dubious sake of owning, but renters live there because they're poor.


freako:OT Anyone catch the news segment about the lineups at the development in Whalley. God help us. They quoted an eager beaver hopeful talking about "getting in".I heard about that, a co-worker of my girlfriend rushed down to try and get something. Amazing. The only thing I can think is that they are still low in absolute terms, starting around $109k? You might be somewhere close to cash positive renting it out, but who knows… just guessing.


Zsa Zsa knows how to say "luxury".Maybe sales could improve if the RE agents practiced.


Another OTLumber prices are sliding again, approaching lows. Down 25% yoy. At what price do B.C. mills start cutting production?


They quoted an eager beaver hopeful talking about "getting in". lemmings getting on the last train for the coast…. and we all know how that ends


For the first time in the nation's history, a significant number of Americans are being threatened with the loss of their home even though they still have a steady, good-paying job.We don’t need an economic calamity to pop this bubbleTick Tock, Tick Tock


H-BullThat ad is funny, honest and effective."luxury"We have all gotten so used to people feedingus absolute bs in marketing that someone can actually flip this and be honest and get a reaction that the people BSing could only dream of. "It is just this lack of connection to a concernwith truth—this indifference to how things really are—that I regard as the essence of bullsh!t."Harry G. Frankfurt from "On Bullsh!t" a goodlittle essay on exactly what the title says.


Speaking of luxury, here is something with a local connection. A Bosa condo in San Diego that is now listed below its 2004 purchase price:http://tinyurl.com/2rzr4mCredit to


"that sunny of beach "Is babelfish developing a sense of humour? AI has come far.


Mold one can not be given advice to buy or sell anything.when people earn profit they goes hurrey that was best ever investment i have made.when people lose investment huf that sunny of beach has given me advice to purchase.people enter and exit on their own risk.Hey user I also say"sorry for mixing luxury/luxary because my english investment does not fair well.MOLDone thing is for sure if you did not buy luxury condo yet you and your friends might have Idea what did you miss.


OT Anyone catch the news segment about the lineups at the development in Whalley. God help us. They quoted an eager beaver hopeful talking about "getting in".

hibernating bull

folhaseca, I love that ad. It's honest. It's the kind of ad that works for me. It's like Moore's commercials, where the message is clear: "we have suits at a good price, so buy them"


I think everyone likes the idea of living in luxury, but for me the ultimate luxury is space and light.. a lot of the luxury thats being marketed out there right now is the equivalent of shag carpeting.


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LUXARY EDGE OVER BULKY (symble of strength)2009 There will be more than 120.000 thousands people will be residing in just downtown vancouver alone.luxury condo are best about 92% of things are on your finger tips and foot steps just walk around and get muscular strength,and mental strength.nothing to worry about rain, snow,and or sun 365 days in action.wether its day life or night.lots of people buy luxary to get rid of yard work that's saving of 2 hours everyday.lots of people buy luxury its like buying gold instead of land for example there are lots of 2000 sqf house in westside listing for over 1.5 million to 3 million range.otherside some luxury condo in downtown lets say this one sold in coalharbour 7.5 million now you don't have to perform maintaince and when ever price will go up this one… Read more »


That's an excellent ad.Having lived in a "luxury yaletown apartment", and now in an east van basement suite, I have to say that I do like granite countertops (often advertised). Cheap laminate flooring is no comparison to real hardwood though, which I have in east van.You have to consider what the cost would be to make it "luxury" or whatever way you want. Putting in granite or real hardwood? Not easy, but doable. Installing a gas stove/fireplace in a condo where there is electic now? Good luck.


It seems if people repeatedly see it in print etc they might believe it.


funny craigslist rental add goes the other way.http://vancouver.craigslist.org/apa/301090609.html