Real Estate Radio

Real Estate RadioSome enterprising fellows are now offering to put a short-range radio transmitter in your ‘for sale’ sign to broadcast a commercial to anyone on the block interested in your house or condo.. Its an interesting idea, but most people don’t bother to put a price on their sign, so what (besides music and sound effects) are they going to put in their custom commercial? And would this marketing system have any advantages over the good ol’ world wide web?

I’m still cringing from the last Rennie Condo ad I saw in a theatre, I wonder if these audio commercials feature soft jazz and lots of talk about ‘lifestyle’.

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Rob Chipman

Real estate radio is pretty old. More recent is single address websites that you access online from outside the house (url on sign)


Sorry to be off topic, but here's a link to my home town where the real estate mania makes Vancouver look sedate.The house in question was put on the market at 275k (pounds) and went for 8ook. 750 sq ft terrace houses there that went for 50k 10 years ago now sell for 400k. I'm glad i got out of THAT market 10 years ago :(I'd like to pilfer the phrase Tick Tock, Tick Tock but it means something very different in my home city of Belfast.


How about this free commercial:"The Canadian Real Estate Association released figures on Monday indicating that national housing prices had reached record heights, with B.C. leading the price point. The association's chief economist,"Here is the part I like: "Greg Klump, chirped in a peppy little statement," "Recent mortgage interest cuts, together with a strong job market and rising incomes, will keep home buyer sentiment upbeat and could make the spring home buying season one for the record books."Globe storyLabel: Things only the usual suspects would say.Tick Tock, Tick Tock


It sure opens up a whole new realm of trouble-making to ne'er do wells- I've seen 'SOLD' signs in front of tear downs with the 'S' blacked out, but what happens when someone takes one of those cheap short-range radio transmitters and broadcasts a competing or misleading message? Audio graffiti!


Meh. Day late, dollar short.

the pope

Hat tip to streel for the link.