BC housing starts on a downward trend.

Housing starts continue to drop in BC – A downward trend that started in January and continues in the most recent report issued by CMHC. Starts are down about 22 percent for the first four months of the year compared to last year. CMHC senior analyst Robin Adamache has the standard disclaimer that this doesn’t ‘signal impending problems in the housing market’.

“We do know a lot of projects in the pipeline, and the building permit numbers were up. So we are still expecting that starts this year will come in at the same level of last year.”

Adamache attributes part of the decline to the labour shortage, noting there just aren’t enough construction workers to keep up with the demand.

But homebuyer demand remains strong, she said, because of the influx of new residents who need a place to live.

She said about twice as many new jobs have been created this year in B.C. as in the same period last year.

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mold city

franco: are vancouverites stupid? looks like some of them are, but that doesnt make us unique. How many people paid ungodly amounts of money for tulips, swampland or pets.com stock? I guess its just a human condition.


I give up. Prices will never go down.


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Adamache attributes part of the decline to the labour shortage, noting there just aren't enough construction workers to keep up with the demand.But we are talking about a decline from last year, not just stagnation, so what happened: (1) 22% of our construction workers left the province because it was too expensive to live here? (2) 22% of last year's residential construction workers are now hammering furiously away on Olympic venues? (3) Construction workers that immigrated from parts east have bought into the laid-back BC lifestyle causing them to become 22% less productive?


The drop is interesting, but what can you infer from housing starts? It seems they can be (and are) interpreted either way to suit a particular perspective: if high, bears say there is an impending supply glut and bulls say the market continues to be strong; if low, bears say builders foresee a crash and bulls say restricted supply will keep prices high.


Maybe we have a construction labour shortage because all the construction workers are busy flipping houses? Why do back breaking work when you can become the next Donald Trump?Reminds me of the dot com era, more CEOs than programmers.


Why a house at 731 Union,a drug and prostitutes infested neighborhood,sold for 930000;why is going on.Are Vancourites stupid?


Yup it's getting that bad. I'd be ready to capitulate too if I didn't realize being ready to capitulate means that I probably don't have too. Oh the irony.


Job opportunities abound… because a lot of people are getting the hell out. I'm visiting Edmonton next week, and chances are good I'll be moving there soon too.


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the pope

Another hat-tip to reductimat for the link! I'm surprised to see that they predict starts to catch up and equal last years – we've got a lot of supply under construction in Vancouver right now.