CBC Almanac – buying a new home.

Karen wrote in to let everyone know that the CBC show B.C. Almanac will be focusing on real estate today between 12:00 and 2:00 pm on CBC radio one (690 AM). It could be an interesting show to listen to, and its interactive with the open line segment!

If you have questions or comments during the show you can give them a call on their open line Numbers:
LOWER MAINLAND: (604) 669-3733
TOLL FREE: 1-800-825-5950

I hope to catch some of this show – it looks like they have an online archive if you miss the live broadcast. I’m curious to hear what the general opinion is of the market out there beyond the market watching boards and blogs.

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it was a cringe-worthy show. the 'real estate expert' was inarticulate and lacking insight. she recited the usual 'buy today for tomorrow it'll be too late' mantra. not surprising as she lives on commission. zero reference to, say, the same chant that was going on in las vegas less than 18 months ago. or that the only reason there's been an uptick in pricing since the beginning of '07 is the banks' new fetish for offering 40-year mortgages. less equity when the market turns means more people needing to get out of their homes.the show ended by inflicting the self-professed expert's three books on unsuspecting listeners. "tulip fever" by deborah moggach would have been a better choice.


Another 'shoe-shine moment' brought to you by the CBC.


Likewise, I'm shaking my head — the first guest and most callers are so inarticulate that the poor interviewer is being forced to lead them by the hand to some sort of logical point. I loved the unsubtle, rambling sales plug from the Kootenays; I was waiting for him to try dropping his phone number.This reminds me of the very end of the dot-com boom: all of the Johnny-come-latelies were throwing around terms like "bot" and "XML" with inexplicable glee and hardly a brain cell between them. Within a few months everyone had gone back to their real jobs. This bear thinks a return to sanity is coming soon.


someone just asked about whether the re expert thought there was overbuilding in vancouver, her answer – we need those buildings and more, there is lots of immigration from other parts of canada and other countries. she advised people check cmhc's website for the stats.


ugh. i'm listening and very disappointed. its a cheerleading show.

the pope

I don't have an AM radio around, but it looks like you can go to cbc.ca/bc and click the 'listen live' link on the right hand side of that page.