I found you the perfect condo!

Looking for a condo? Looking for a condo previously owned by Axl Rose? This could be the one for you!

Vancouverites may be getting used to house prices that break the $1-million mark, but a new condo listed this week proves that the sky’s the limit when it comes to luxury living. The penthouse apartment at 1000 Beach Ave. is on the market for a cool $18.2-million.

Situated downtown at the northeast corner of the Burrard Bridge, right on the Seawall, the property has never been lived in – former owners reportedly include Axl Rose, front man for rock group Guns N’ Roses, and the Russian Rocket himself, Canucks star Pavel Bure. Until the current owner, a low-profile, White Rock-based businessman, took possession in 2004 (for an estimated $7-million), it was an empty concrete shell. Nevertheless, it’s proved a remarkable investment.

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thanx jeff i think town means yaletown.


actually the market price around town is $600 average


the pop this is good timing,thanks for the post.there was some arguments about art yesterday and this small piece of art has become a center of attention for vancouver as seen on cbc.this post is hard to handel for the ***** here.there is one point to note, this unit is selling for @$2675 per sqf.there was a user looking for stats for downtown.definitely downtown core is close to $800 and up for bottom liners and above $1000 for upper units. not like 577 that was mention by century21 for yaletown.downtown vancouver will countinue to touch the sky.now if some one can tell me if axl rose was a kid,pavel bure was a kid,current owner is kid or future owner will be.label:respect the squible art(city of vancouver)