No Vacation for YOU!

Apparently people in western Canada have problems taking a vacation. The ‘wealthy’ western provinces of Alberta and BC have the highest percentage of workers who don’t take all available vacation days. “This, Ipsos-Reid says, means that about $5.4-million in wages is being handed back to employers.”

Albertans may be hardworking, with 24 percent of employees not taking their vacation days, but We’ve got them beat in BC:

More than 65 per cent of employed Canadians feel more, or just as, vacation-deprived as they did five years ago, according to the survey. British Columbians (25 per cent) and Albertans (24 per cent) are the most vacation-deprived, with one-quarter giving days back to employers in 2007. Quebeckers are less work-obsessed, with just 15 per cent of those surveyed saying they leave vacation days untaken.

Canadians aged 18 to 34 are the most vacation-deprived, and, on the whole, 34 per cent of employed Canadians still work more than 40 hours a week. Canadians take an average 18 days of vacation compared with 36 taken by the French, 30 by the Spanish and 26 by the Germans, according to the survey.

Well, how else are we supposed to afford these condos that will make us rich?

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Satv, you talk about BC being an "at-will" employment province as if that's a bad thing!


Patiently Waiting saidWe are so grossly understaffed that I'd feel guilty for taking a two week vacation. your case also represent the emergency situation 24/7/365 this type of employer ufh.just to save few bucks they bring burden of streess at job.there should be double staff on all jobs to back up.but there is no law to deal with that situation.there is no law to protect non union employees from getting fired.employer's can let go any employee's with any reason labour board can't really help.lots of non union jobs does not even have first aid procedure anybody getting hurt,employers scared them to stop them seeing a doctor.if anybody go for wcb employer fire them because wcb is only to pay compensation not to protect any one getting fired.I will suggest employee in this condition if anybody can not manage court fight,they… Read more »

Patiently Waiting

After working for large corporations where the vacation policy was very clear and understood, I'm having a much different experience working for a smaller business. If any of the core employees take more than a couple of days off, all hell breaks loose. We are so grossly understaffed that I'd feel guilty for taking a two week vacation. I'm also getting the impression that its very hard to get any length of time off from what I've overheard in the office. I'm still in my first year there and was told I don't get any vacation time until my second year (although I would get the 3% if I quit, as that's the law). I know some may be wondering why I'd work at a smaller business. I get more responsibility and some better experience than when I was a… Read more »


clarke you have great points on this you know"people are subject to take vocation on timely manners"but because of labour shortage employer's get tough on situation and it is very easy to scare rookies than some senior person.only state of emergency can cancel some one's voaction but that can be easly switch over to some other deal with tight brain employer's we need more alternative jobs avialable that maintain balance to scare employer and then all employees and employer work on easy policy and procedure. look whats happening in calgary and edmonton.tonz of jobs are avialable there right now,and productivity is on toe employees their keep it around 70% and give hard time to employer's most jobs in alberta require employees to work 12 hour shift 60 hours per week.they work without caring about productivity because they can… Read more »


i think satv is vhb 😉Logically there can be only one person who knows who VHB is. That is VHB himself. Since satv claims to know who VHB is, ergo satv=VHB. QED.—–satv wrote "then we got one user on vancouver name vance.later on vhb claimed to some news paper that his nick name is vance,"Wasn't VHB's name proposed during a lengthy blog session. I proposed Vince I think, but VHB seemed adamant that it should be Vance. Weren't there suggestions along the lines of VHB = Vance Horatio Bear, or Vince Housing Bear, or something like that? In any case the name was completely fictitious.satv wrote "since that day that user vance of van condo disappear."Disappeared from the blog, or like you know, disappeared for real. Oh, I just love conspirary theories.—-Personally, I think VHB was a very bored… Read more »


I think the issue of people not taking vacation is usually a white collar phenomenom. Hardly any employers are stupid enough to explicitly fire someone for taking vacation, or prohibit them from taking vacation. It would be pretty tough to pocket vacation pay. That being said, there are lots of ways for employers to discourage people from taking time off. A few of the examples I have seen include:-give crazy deadlines for projects or apply unrealistic workloads-do not make allowances for absences when setting activity goals-use bonuses and promotions to reward the workaholics on the team, while providing less than stellar performance evaluations to those who try to work normal hoursI could go on and on. This was more common during the major downsizing in the 1990s when fear of losing one's job saw unpaid overtime, unrealistic workloads, and deferred… Read more »


i think satv is vhb 😉


Okay. I'll bite. How exactly does satv know anything about vhb other than he was a blogger? Is he just full of bullhockey or does he actually know something? Or should i just ignore anything he posts?


Go on Satv, everybody knows now that I am VHB.


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SATV said "that company i work for goes up to 7weeks after 21 year so that chart match at my job may be i am lucky you not." and also explains the descrepancies between productivity and unpaid holidays. The other 75 % or so are not often productive, I know of companies where employees seem to have a habit of taking maximum sick leave for some reason everybody there is sick for the max # of days! 🙂


Satv yes, many companies offer more vacation than is required by law, just like many offer higher wages than are required by law. I agree with you that it's partly the workers' faults if they decline to use all the vacation time they are offered.


any further comments can be deal after 8 hours.


drachan I am not ignorent mr reid is agency or person whats wrong in that to mention because issue is a report not agency or mr.


haha anyway how ever i have also mention that those 5,6,7 are vary by companies you work with.that company i work for goes up to 7weeks after 21 year so that chart match at my job may be i am lucky you not.


satvIpsos-Reid is a SURVEY company, not a person. It doesn't have opinions, just numbers. As such it can't technically be "wrong", it's just statistics.It's kind of funny that someone as ignorant of statistics as you thinks he sees all kinds of flaws in the Bear arguments and sees no flaws in the Bull arguments.


where does SATV live?


SATV, the law in BC requires 2 weeks after 1 year, and 3 weeks after 5 years.I'm guessing this 4,5,6,7-weeks vacation dream is from wherever you live!


I am agree with warren,and also agree with clarke.Productivity is not simply a matter of working more hours, but getting more production from the same amount of inputs. Labour productivity can be enhanced by more training, thats absolutely ever it is very hard to agree with mr.reidReid says, means that about $5.4-million in wages is being handed back to employers."reid's statement is only possible when people do not use their rights.most of time it is labour code violation.all part-full time employees are entitle to receive 4% vocation pay on less then 3 year of service.this is a kind of chart that can be humanly possible.(does not guranteed on all jobs)3 year of service=4%,5 year=6% 8 year=8%,13 year=10% 18 full time employees for their consecutive service by year are entitled to recieve vocation with pay.3year=2weeks,5year=3weeks,8year=4weeks,13year=5weeks,18 year=6weeks,21year=7weeks vocation with pay.all… Read more »


In my 3 "real" jobs since university, I've never had a real problem taking vacation. Employers encourage taking most of it before the end of the year and not carrying over much.People getting fired and "money going back to the employer" sounds like gross labour code violations to me.I've always had excess vacation paid out when I leave a job, and I've never had it "expire" while I am employed.


Productivity is not simply a matter of working more hours, but getting more production from the same amount of inputs. Labour productivity can be enhanced by more training, work system improvements, capital investment, or R & D that leads to technological innovation. Granted, unpaid overtime could do it too, I suppose.Many companies do tend to view workaholics as the most desirable employees. As Ken said, there are numerous articles and books on the phenomenom. My favourite is "White Collar Sweatshop".


So why do we have the big problem with productivity in Canada? Everyones burnt out?


I'm not surprised at all. It's a prevalent phenomenon in North America. I'm not gonna list reasons or whatever, theres plenty of articles about this out there.


true story – several years ago my DH was fired when he took a week off so we could travel across the country and bury my mother. I've always found employers in B.C. like to "discourage" vacation time.