Open call for ‘the numbers’

There have been some requests in previous posts for a new source of ‘the numbers’ – the day to day local sales stats around these parts. You can currently get numbers for Rob Chipmans area on his blog, but some of you are wanting them for the GVRD as a whole, or broken down more by category.

I’m not a realtor and don’t have access to these stats, but I do know that there are a few of you out there that are and you visit this blog with some regularity.

So.. Any of you feel like providing the numbers for this blog?

There are a few ways this could work, whether you want credit or would rather remain anonymous, I’d love to see those number and I know a lot of the regulars here would as well. I can give the right person full access to post on this blog, or simply take an email version of the stats and create the posts myself.

I don’t even feel that daily numbers are necessary, I think weekly stats would be fine, though I know some of the more data-addicted would dissagree.

So whats in it for you? A bit of extra fame would be about it, though you may get a certain vicarious thrill from the robin-hood-esque act of bringing these stats to the masses.

If you’re interested drop me a line at

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"Hey – lets try to stay away from personal insults."Sorry if I offended pope. I don't really have any issue with RC, just that tulip made me snicker. I have known Rob on a business basis (I rented the house I live in from him originally), and he was never but a gentleman to me and my wife. satv – I haven't a clue what you are talking about. Sorry. But since you asked, "you are next sir".


If I was a realtor, I would spend a few bucks and compile stats on my web site and not invite comments. But…the average realtor is far too lazy to bother. In this market its all about securing the listing as all listings sell themselves. When it turns this fall, realtors may look at more creative, more thoughtful, more useful marketing. But of course as the market winds down nobody will actually care any more. We will take vacations watch our kids play soccer, invest in "life", and maybe buy a house/condo at the market bottom in 2013.Remember, the average realtor failed at something else before trying real estate.


Sorry, I hate to say this, but Rob is smart scoundrel. He pretends to be open to debate but then he muddies the waters and insinuates doubts.Lonf live VHB.


the pope – Your foolproof plan could work, we could do an expose on how easy and ridiculous it is to become a realtor! I'm not really into paying the dues etc. though.freako – no doubt – kudos go to VHB, rob has been taking lots of really low cheapshots at him of late. I don't have time for that – its low.


"I don't really understand some of the anger directed towards Rob -"I do. We all have our reasons, so I won't bother rehashing what has been done to death. I do think the credit for truly turning the other cheek should go to VHB for not responding to the cheapshots that were thrown his way.

the pope

It's a shame that the REBGV doesn't just make the stats available to the public. I'm guessing that there isn't that much demand for them and no big motivation for them to make them available rather than it being some sort of nefarious plot.I don't really understand some of the anger directed towards Rob – I think the numbers that he provides are a great resource, but like others here I would like to be able to delve into specific areas.Mohican: I have a foolproof plan to get the stats: we become realtors! Whattya think?


that's the best I can do .Vancouver may,2007 average.det.852.428att.470.518appart.377.100thanx no q. no a.


It would be nice to see numbers for various areas, not like Rob's own personal area, which is sort of the GVRD, but sort of not.My personal interest is downtown condos, but everyone varies so you can't be all things to all people.


assistant request solipsisthey solipsist how you doing?where did you disapear for almost 3 month.I want you to assist me regarding last vhb post "what's next" and I goes "you are next sir".I remember you (solipsist)and drachan were present there in that post.I want you to confirm that there was this posting "what's next" and respond "you are next sir".thanking you in advance solipsist.satv


Reading yours and mohican's blogs for awhile now(the best out there) and hope to see those numbers on your guy's sites. Chipmans blog seems slanted to me,someone with a bias can taint those numbers,plus he is a bit full of himself.


I'd like to see GV stats here on your blog pope and FV stats over on mine but I'll take what I can get! If there is a realtor / someone with access out there who would like the opportunity for the fame and glory, then we can work something out I'm sure!


Hey – lets try to stay away from personal insults. If you have a problem with Rob just don't read his blog.If the stats are accurate it doesn't really matter what their 'intent' is, they can help us to gauge the market.


"just placate the pimp and his brainless sidekick for now."Too cruel tulip. You made me snort some Zinfandel onto my purty keyboard.


Let’s not forget the stats given by the usual suspects are intended to be material destined for the spin cycle and be hung out for the MSM.But if some of the bears are hooked on them, just placate the pimp and his brainless sidekick for now.