Bat Update.

It turns out that if you buy a $509,000 condo in Vancouver infested with bats you can’t have them removed during the summer. According to this article in the Vancouver Sun bats are protected under the BC wildlife act and can’t be disturbed during their breeding season. Between May and August anyone caught capturing bats will face fines of up to $345 per animal. was finding a baby bat in their bed that has the couple worried that they may have contracted rabies. Bats are the No. 1 carrier of the disease in B.C. Rabies is passed through saliva, usually through bites or open cuts.

The young couple have gone through the first of four rounds of rabies shots, which are injected into the legs and buttocks. Their dog, Soweto, has also received a booster shot.

Nurse said the suspected bat entry points from the walls into the condo have been temporarily sealed off and he has cleaned buckets of bat feces from inside the third-floor penthouse walls.

The bats, which keep him up at night, are noisy, regularly emitting “high-pitched squeals.”

It’s not just a condo, its an adventure!

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The condo building I live in is currently dealing with a bat issue. The licenced people who do bta removal really know what they are doing; it is NOT a big deal. The guy was here the other day, reducing the number of entry ways for the bats; when the babies are old enough, he will install one-way gates that will let the bats out, but not back in. This is another example of uninformed media hype – much ado about NOTHING!


For a 345$ fine each, I'd kill them all. How many can there be? 10? 50? Suppose there's 50 of them. That makes a 17 250$ fine. That's 3.45% of the condo price.And btw, bat fece is carcinogen. Any house infested with bats shouldn't be occupied until it has been cleaned thoroughly.

the pope

update to the update: The BC environment minister has pledged to help the couple.


If I were them, I'd be seriously too embarrassed to share this story with the media… I hope they don't intend to resell it anytime soon. What a joke.

mold city

that admission fee better include free rabies shots!


Awesome night hangout/club scene… Some retro lights, cool dj n' tunes, who needs sleep. 10bucks a head entrance fee, owners will make back their dough in no time …Good luck! Hate to be them … shoulda woulda checked! Bozos!


wtf.. i've lived here for almost my whole life and have yet to see a single bat.You've probably mistaken them for birds. if you've ever been down near a beach or in a park around dusk you've almost certainly seen them – they fly a bit like drunken sparrows when they hunt. It took someone to point out to me that they were actually bats before I noticed them, but they're all over – its not hard to spot them if you're looking.

robs numbers

I know of one Realtor who would see this as a selling feature.The sales pitch would go something along the lines: “Don’t worry about the expense-think of the tax deduction; negative cash flow is part of a formidable financial plan"


scoop!!! LMAO!


A good agent could make this a selling point:Your very own batcave for only half a million! Formerly an experience reserved only for billionaire playboys, now you too can enjoy the edgy Gothamesque experience of living with creatures of the night.

el bbub

another bat case update…Bats win a court action and take possession of the property!


..on the bright side, they can sell guano as fertilizer to farmers to help pay off their mortgage.


wtf.. i've lived here for almost my whole life and have yet to see a single bat.


wow. talk about buyers remorse! that sucks.