Condo infestation

With the ‘hot’ housing market in Vancouver, a suprising number of people have bought property subject to no inspection. With that in mind this could be the perfect time to unload that condo that just happens to be infested with bats.

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Not sure anyone is even still reading or commenting on this but I just saw it and had to ask – serious question here (for a bizarre situation).I live in Washington, DC – we had your market 2 years ago – that September the "bubble" burst though it's still not cheap and priced didn't fall that much (5% after 7 years of 10 – 15% gains hurts the last ones in a bit but hardly sours the buyers for the previous 6.I tend to think Vancouver would have a similar affect – it's not like people are going to run for the hills – it's a great city.But, anyway, here is my legitimate question. Even in DC when buyers were striking virtually every clause in the contracts in their bidding war, there were two things:1) One, a 3-day condo review… Read more »

Patiently Waiting

I heard on the radio (CBC IIRC) that they won a bidding war. Yeah, WON


They could get an Owl, that would scatter the bats. The Van. Zoo has a cute one, Hagrid, who wouldn't have a clue what to do with a bat, but it may make the bats leave. Maybe a stuffed Owl would work.


Don't bats eat their weight in bugs every night? Sounds awesome to me!

Jade East

spent 20 minutes and spent half a million.

mold city

Geez – and I thought that mold was bad. BATS?!? I wonder if its hard to sell a unit after you've told the local press that its infested with bats?


"I think the lag time between reality and realization may make this bubble burst a little longer than I'd like."It's already done that, in my view, but reality has a funny way of asserting itself from time to time. But what do I know? I'm just an anonymous blogger with bats in my belfry.

Patiently Waiting

I used think that once we have our foreclosure epidemic, at least condos are less of a worry when abandoned. Something tells me the bat population will be growing rapidly in a few years.On another note, I had a discussion with a condo-owning friend who thinks I need to make the "sacrifice" of buying a place…like him and his gf who share just over 500 sq ft. He still thinks Vancouver real estate is appreciating over 20% a year and didn't seem to be listening when I pointed out its about half that. I think the lag time between reality and realization may make this bubble burst a little longer than I'd like.


I wonder if a "bat infestation" will show up on the property disclosure statement when they sell the place? :-)Maybe they'll sell to a greater fool who won't notice the bats either…That's how bubbles work, isn't it?