Everybody must get stoned?

I just received this email from a ‘concerned reader’:

Whats with the huge number of stoned construction workers in Vancouver? I walk by ‘the Vine’ on Broadway every morning around 9:00am and there’s usually a group of guys in hard hats smoking weed on Vine street. When they’re being more discreet they stay in the alley or in parked cars, but EVERY morning you can smell the smoke along tenth avenue, and this is far from the only case. Along 8th I’ve seen (and smelled) construction workers, renovators and landscapers smoking up in the morning, and friends that live downtown have told me that Nelson park often has construction workers taking ‘smoke breaks’.

I’m not opposed to anyones personal choice about leisure activities as long as it doesn’t affect me. I like to unwind with a beer after work and smoke occasionally, but I can’t imagine smoking up first thing in the morning and then trying to get work done. I don’t work in construction, but I’d think that being stoned around cranes, scaffolding and heavy equipment would be downright dangerous.

Never mind the theory that the dope trade contributes to irrational housing prices, whats it doing to construction quality?

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satv is satv.I don't think there's any need for speculation.He works in warehouse management for Loblaws. He graduated high school around 1986 and joined Loblaws not long after. He is relatively poorly educated and admits to being more of a jock than an intellectual. His poor English is a result of lack of personal mental organization which also shows up in his debating skills (often producing fallacies and non sequitors). I don't think he's a troll, but he seems to enjoy the fact that he's the pariah here, I think it makes him feel special. The views he espouses are, I am quite certain genuinely felt, but because of his poor critical thinking skills he cannot independently come to his own conclusions and simply relies on what he hears in the mass media (which he attempts to parrot here to… Read more »


Things are unravelling quickly. More news, this time on our side of the border."…a report from RBC Financial Group's economics department said: "Our expectation is that generally healthy financial conditions outside of housing will prevent the weakness in equities from continuing.""And that's trying to put a positive spin on things. Interesting how the banks have gone from pretending housing is solid to chucking it overboard as excess baggage on a sinking ship in under a week. Kind of implies that they knew all along that housing was shaky. TSX plunges to 2006 levels


This is senseless. Look at it this way: SATV is SATV. And if he just happens to be the alter-ego of somebody else, he deserves a break on general principle for such original metaphors. And should this alter ego be a manipulating realtor, wouldn't you rather have this manipulator waste time writing in a manner which takes time and is hard to understand than making up salient and convincing spin?


'couple of good articles on my favourite economics blog (you may have to watch a short commercial to read them)For those of you who thought US housing problems won't reach up to Vancouver, it's already hurting hobbits and James Bond. HobbitsAnd a general overview of the cascading effects of the US meltdown.Housing starts at a 10 year low


don't think anybody thinks of these newest townhouses as "dwellings" anymore, but merely investments. They're not meant to be lived in, so who cares about the quality. Everyone buys them to sell in a couple of years and they don't expect their lifespan to go beyond thatThat of course is the bubble, or should I say bizarro, definition of "investment" – something without inherent value, but which will be taken off your hands by a greater fool.As opposed to the economic definition of "investment" – an asset that you buy for a price justified by its future yield of income or utility.


Looks like Saskatoon really rocks at almost 54% yoy price increase.Must be the mountains, the olympics, and oh yeah-shortage of land.Imagine what Rennie could do for that market.


Richard said… i know it's not friday, but still, vancouver is still number one 8/15/07 3:42 PM Richard,thanx for the link vancouver rocks.


satv = REALTOR X,I work on wms, thats kind of laptop hang in front of your eyes at a one feet distance.their are hot keys function to see assignments and function to confirm.all assignment are timed and we are connected to one center from all over canada.what should be done on priority sequences that poped up to our t.r.t.a.can't tell you more than this because of policy and procedure,yeah I can tell you I work for galen weston.


satv is a troll,yeah that manufacturing was closest in the list so I tab that one accidentlly.kaydee,you have a edge over that issue so i give that to you only if your act is accurate reloading after report implimentation,that works properly.


SATV "objects are placed accurately, and can not be judge without performance after completion"Sorry most of what I find can be seen easily by an experienced eye. What I see is absolutely no Professional supervision or contractors who are overloaded and understaffed with experienced people. This is not "normal" contruction defects but "sloppy" poor quality workmanship. I've been at this for 30 years and the construction quality is far below the level it was 10 years ago. The design of building envelopes has improved and that quality is better as that is watched closely and covered by extended 10 year warranties. All other building systems only have to last 1 year so they duct tape it together for 12 months! 🙂 (slight exageration).

satv = REALTOR X

satv: what do you do?

satv is a troll

Satv: You accidentally left your profile file open. I thought you said you worked at Superstore, yet your profile says manufacturing.Honest mistake I guess. Speaking of honest mistakes, I posted a link which would be useful to specuvestors who might have made "errors" on their tax returns, and might want to amend their file.Did you post the link for your friends on that other blog,some of them might find it useful?


you definitely deserve lots of appreciation to put analysis from their real estate.Analysis? I merely shat on NAR propaganda.


freakoyou definitely deserve lots of appreciation to put analysis from their real estate.I do not preserve from extinction of american real estate,how ever this is a first time i took a shot to show metro behave otherwise vancouver is not depend on usa,but yeah by mistake you have abuse your source by saying,and you are the one who represent usa model to vancouver I have read you lots of time before.freako said… Don't buy their spin, and don't perpetuate it. freako whats going on?I still respect your hard work,so i ignore that…


From Richard's link:He called this "another clear sign that the underlying Canadian economy had plenty of momentum before the credit squalls broke.Or maybe pre-approved buyers are panic buying. Do these talking heads go to Assinine Metaphor School or what?


i know it's not friday, but still, vancouver is still number one


To give you an idea of what a joke the NAR's numbers are:San Francisco's median is up 7.6% despite all the foreclosures. Good news? No, not at all. It just indicates that the homes that do sell are biased towards high end. Case-Shiller had SF down 3.4% yoy in May. So what is it? Up 7.6% or down 3.4%. Big big difference. Which is the true one? Case-Shiller of course.The funny thing is that once the sales mix returns to normal, the NAR calculated median will implode double digits. That can happen in q3, but more likely q4. It may help that mortgage originators are balking at jumbo loans that are essential for high end transactions.Any body want to take a shot at what the spin will sound like once medians are down 15% yoy?


freako: great rant of the Kunstlerian genre…keep their feet to the fire!


prices are firm or up in metropolitan states in usa.thats what i was talking about metro vancouver from sept, 2007.No they are not. The aggregate was down. Quality adjusted is down. And it is just getting started. Don't buy their spin, and don't perpetuate it.


OTOk, so the NAR q2 numbers are out, and as expected they are perpetuating their usual fraud on the public.Median prices were up yoy in 97 out of 150 metro areas. That of course means that 53 out of 150 had declining prices.Here is how Lereah's replacement spun it: Although home prices are relatively flat, more metro areas are showing price gains with general improvement since bottoming-out in the fourth quarter of 2006,What he of course knows but fails to mention, is that the median is horribly skewed due to the collapse of the low end. Apples for apples measures such as Case-Shiller are clearly yoy negative.And buried deeper in the report we get this:The national median existing single-family home price was $223,800 in the second quarter, down 1.5 percent from the second quarter of 2006 when the median price… Read more »


tony danza.I know even its hard to disagree with kaydee,but construction error what kaydee figure out are very similar to any other work place.most of time blind corners where even professional just assume that objects are placed accurately, and can not be judge without performance after completion.otprices are firm or up in metropolitan states in usa.thats what i was talking about metro vancouver from sept, 2007.


Satv's not on the bong, didn't you see him railing against illegal drugs? Something about the fear of getting shot forcing people to do drugs…What he did do is waaay too much amyl nitrate, nothing else could kill brain cells that fast.


there is a pretty big gap between the people you would want to have working, and the people you actually have to hireGood summary of the situation. Same thing was happening in the boom years of '80/81. A lot of people were getting high on the job and sometimes ridiculous mistakes were made. At one site, I remember being teased a bit because I didn't smoke up with everyone else…not because I never indulged back in the day, but I didn't want to screw up the finishing work I was doing nor have an accident. Productivity also suffered. I remember one large house where everyone cut hockey sticks, used a roll of black electrical tape for a puck, and played hockey for hours every day. Good times…

Tony Danza

Well kaydee I prefer to believe SATVs side of the story: "I think there is no objection on quality of work, when assignment gets complete." What a clown. SATV, get off the bong man you're delusions of grandeur are scaring me.


smoking weed on the job? does that mean the RAV tunnel is just one large bong?