Vancouver a great city despite its rotten core.

Sounds like a tourist got stuck staying near the downtown eastside.. From todays Star Phoenix:

Somewhat less beautiful is Vancouver. We stayed this time on the periphery of the city’s notorious Downtown Eastside, where the beggars and crackheads roam. Crack addicts are easy to distinguish from the other vagabonds. They’re constantly scanning the sidewalk around their feet, as if looking for cigarette butts. That’s what I thought at first they were doing. But no. What they’re really looking for is crumbs of crack that some careless addict might have dropped in the night. Any little bit of white detritus, they pick up, carefully examine and then discard. This is how they spend their days. I was reminded of the zombies in George Romero’s Living Dead films.

The entire review isn’t that bad – Despite its rotten core Vancouver is ranked by that visitor as among the greatest cities, and they really enjoyed Quadra Island.

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How do you think a lot of people afford 800k crapshacks? The mobsters were probably the ones who bought it.

Patiently Waiting

Imagine closing on your 800K crapshack only to have a gangland massacre at the mobster hangout down the street. Lots of fun.

the pope

nice link mk-kids, it got chopped off a bit so here's a clickable version of that story.The term 'continuing to cool' is new to me, most recent coverage about the Vancouver and Canadian housing market have just been all about up up up! I didn't realize canada was eight consecutive months into smaller increases in new home prices. Thats certainly no crash, but it looks like the death of a boom.Will be interesting to see how the tightening credit market plays into this whole thing.


OT: Housing market continues to cool in Canada… What? When did that start? I thought the market only goes up?


I guess compared to Saskatoon, we're not so bad.. lolAnd here I thought the article was from Phoenix, Arizona.


the "Hastings Street Shuffle" kinda hard to explain in a travel brochure but the "zombies" are harmless and lend colour to an otherwise drab street setting…. ya'll come back now!