The Dow is 10% off its October high.

The decline in the Dow Jones Industrial Average just past the 10% decline mark that denotes a ‘Correction’.

The swoon comes as investors were unnerved by another series of announcements that pointed to continuing problems in the credit markets, the result of home loan debt going bad under the weight of a faltering housing market.

So where are you putting your money? Stocks? Bonds? Vancouver Real Estate? Beanie Babies? (I hear they’re highly collectible). Just how is a fella supposed to get wealthy without any effort these days?

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For individual stocks, I like large, multinational dividend paying companies. JNJ is a good example.Unfortunately there aren't many Canadian examples (which would be better for tax reasons).


The Dow is 10% off its October high.And how much in real money, i.e. anything other than the USD or a currency pegged to it?


I'm in stocks all the way. Frankly, I refuse to take any IOUs denoted in any fiat currency at this point. Wall street has gotten the bail out it wanted, so I expect serious inflation come soon. Basically any non-financial stocks.I considered gold, but it's pretty useless in modern economy. I'd rather own mining company stocks.


"NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. home prices fell 4.5 percent in the third quarter from a year earlier, the sharpest drop since Standard & Poor's began its nationwide housing index in 1987 and another sign that the housing slump is far from over, the research group said Tuesday." Article


Vancouver developer pulls out of condo projects due to financing difficulty

Jade East

1000% return!!!!!

Jade East

re WI'm sure that I saw an 2 bedroom apartment west of Denman two blocks from Stanley park for less. 2 blocks to Pigeon park or 2 blocks to Stanley park really tough to see what would be a better The markets.Some investors have made a huge return on the credit meltdown.


Loved the W ad. I'm thinking the line that got a laugh was "PLAIN AND SIMPLE" 🙂


Oh, I've parked my money in GICs. Times like this I have no problem taking a 4.75% guaranteed return.


That Woodward's ad on Craigslist is pure gold. Laughed myself silly with that one. Hilarious.


**** PRICES SHOULD JUMP $100K PLUS, BY COMPLETION*****You mean this one? And no disclaimer… Or did they mean that the developer is going to crank the price by that much? (like RiverBend)


Yellowknife real estate. We have diamonds and we're one of the best places in the world to view the northern lights. Crazy people fly up here to stand around in -40C weather to watch the light show. Crazier people pay $300K to $400K for mobile (manufactured) homes with no basements. We're also running out of land because we're actually surrounded by hundreds of lakes up here. The little land that we have left is all volcanic rock and has to be blasted to build homes.


I'm very bearish on the investment markets, even after this correction, and see the Fed in a precarious position with potential stagflation, – 1/3 money market, 1/3 short US small-cap ETFs, 1/3 energy equitiesGood luck all!