New REBGV stats website.

Paul has given us a gift that keeps on giving with his new web site. If you haven’t seen it yet do yourself a favor and check it out – there’s an incredible treasure trove of information he’s made available including up to date statistics on details like average selling prices and days on market. He’s also sharing inventory charts for all sub-areas of Greater Vancouver going back 3 years. This will be an ideal resource for watching the market in detail. Go check it out and say hello on his new blog.

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wiser now

"At the top of both it says "Jim Yih, For CanWest News Service". Is it really news, or is it a marketing piece disguised as news? And what the heck are the editors doing about it?"A newspapers editor posted in her blog data of BC landed immigrants from the 1990s todate, which showed a steady increase. In between she would rant over the incompetency of CIC in processing applications, called Harper's Government a liar, and hyped up Greater Vancouver's ever rising RE prices. On a pre-scheduled trip, she accepted a free seat upgrade on her flight to HK on condition she wrote favorably on a business venture; others who had not pre-arranged the trip were given free air-tickets plus accommodation by the sponsors. Think twice before you throw good pennies for embellished news.


It's the worst time to buy now. Everyone knows that, bigger the boom, bigger the bust! Vancouver is going to have a big drop. It's going to be pretty sad for those with negative equity when their home price falls below what they owe the bank. Should they just walk away from the mortgage? It might be the best solution.


Here's an article that starts out sensibly, but then midway falls into the "IT'S BETTER TO GET INTO THE MARKET" argument.He has a second article which sheds light on that, as it ends with "Jim Yih is a financial adviser and his website can be found at: <a href=";".<br />At the top of both it says "Jim Yih, For CanWest News Service". Is it really news, or is it a marketing piece disguised as news? And what the heck are the editors doing about it?


Pace of decline in home prices sets a record"The silver lining behind the latest home-price data is that they signal the market is making what most economists see as a necessary adjustment, dragging home prices back into closer alignment with Americans' ability to pay. The market is working its way "back to reality," says David Seiders, chief economist of the National Association of Home Builders." I like this story as well"I don't think we've hit the bottom yet," Lehman Brothers economist Michelle Meyer said. "The housing shock is only about halfway over and housing prices will continue to fall well into 2009." Ms Meyer said that spelt bad news for the US economy."Not that any of this means anything for Vancouver. We have the Olympics, shortage of land (we ran out of land before Expo86, and before the hand over… Read more »


Anonymous It looks like you're the one who's trolling, but who can resist trollbait?Paul thank you for this new site, it looks very useful.


Hence when reading blog & forums manipulated by POS., one ought to be cautious. READ BETWEEN THE LINES:the ‘priced-out-of-his-last-chance-waterfront-house’ boomer, who turns preacher of Convenient-Lie.why the hassle to travel to Winnipeg, when South Okanagan’s performance was immigrants translated in to a 40% increase of low-income households on social assistance.


Hi Paul , your approach seems to be a little more dignified and refined than that of Excrement Rob,tqn, newsflash etc. Hope you won’t resort to his troll bait tactics


Thanks for the post Pope!

the pope

Thanks Paul for all the hard work that goes into sharing these stats, and a very merry Christmas to you and all other readers of VancouverCondo.infoMay your New Years be a great one!