The Repo Bus.

Foreclosures are running so thick in Stockton California that a real estate broker has started a tour bus service to bring prospective buyers to view foreclosed homes. If you’re interested in touring the foreclosed homes of Stockton you can sign up at

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I dunno…I kind of see this blog as that bus, with all of us passengers, and Thumbs driving all the while spouting stuff like:"Smile for a sunny day! Horse man never come to Vancouver ok? IT! IS! NOT! OVER!"While the rest of us laugh and point out the steadily declining rents and other signs of things to come…..


thumbsup, there may be "50 ways to leave" this thread/blog, as m-r suggests, but i'm worried that the blog will suffer terribly without you. about 50 to 75% of the words posted are either by you, about you or expressing anger or frustration to you. when people get tired of the long, long boring wait for the impending housing crash which may not happen for another two or three years, what will they do for a diversion if you leave the blog? you serve as a useful topic for discussion in between snippets of news. let me encourage you with "go, grasshopper, go" … think of it as your public service commitment. regarding "horse man", you're not translating from chinese are you? did you get the wrong tone on "ma"? were you thinking "mother" or "curse" but translated "horse"? even… Read more »


thumbsup, what were you smoking yesterday? i can usually figure out what you're saying but not the "horse man" posts.

Michael Randallbard
Michael Randallbard

thumbsupI dedicate this song to youThe problem is all inside your head, I say to youThe answer is easy if you take it logicallyId like to help you in your struggle to be free from this placeThere must be fifty ways to leave this threadI say its really not my habit to intrudeFurthermore, I hope my meaning wont be lost or misconstruedBut Ill repeat myself at the risk of being crudeThere must be fifty ways to leave this threadFifty ways to just fuck offJust slip out the back, jackMake a new plan, stanYou dont need to be coy, royJust get yourself freeHop on the bus, gusYou dont need to discuss muchJust drop off the key, leeAnd get yourself freeJust slip out the back, jackMake a new plan, stanYou dont need to be coy, royJust get yourself freeHop on the bus,… Read more »


let me sort out confusion that bus is going to cross the border.Horse man never shown up is a Vancouver thingi.Clear Chaps,It's!Ok.

mold city

Wow. just wow.


Too funny. I bet 2 years ago the same Realtor was running around telling everyone they had to get in now while they can!


yeah chaps,horse man run out of time so why don't you guys just catch the bus hu.don't forget to take 1% off as of october,2007.rew.caGST cut immediate for new home buyers.Tony!Tony!what's been upHorse man never shown upCatching the bus han.


I remember when busloads of people from Hong Kong would tour Vancouver and buy real estate in the late '80s and early '90s.


AWESOME! I think I'll look into starting this kind of business in Vancouver a few years from now 😉


Ought to have been a '64 Malibu I think…. but I guess the demand was too great.

Tony Danza

How fitting that they used a short bus…