Comment formating tips

With the site switched over to wordpress I figure its time to update the comment posting tip-sheet. Click below to view these tips.

Formating Text:

Like Blogger, WordPress allows the use of basic HTML code to format text and add links. If you are unfamiliar with HTML code it may look a little weird, but its really quite simple. You just need to tell it at the beginning of a word or phrase how you want to format the text, and then tell it when you want to stop the formatting. HTML code is always put in <brackets> and you tell it to end formating by using the same code in brackets, but led by a </forward slash>

Here’s a basic example of a sentence with bold text.

The code that you would type in looks like this:

Here’s a basic example of a sentence with <b>bold text</b>

Here a list of text formating code (besides bold text) that wordpress accepts:

to strike out text like this use <strike>like this</strike>

to italicize text like this use <i>like this</i>

to make clickable link text you need to use the following code:

<a href=>this is the text you click</a>

In this example the link goes to the main page of this site and the result looks like this:

this is the text you click

Other fun stuff:

In addition to allowing basic HTML to format text wordpress will replace emoticons with smiley’s, cause who doesn’t need more smiles in their day? Here’s a list of the images that are dropped into a comment and the code that creates them:


Thats all for now, if you have any questions drop them on this post and I’ll update it.

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