Friday free-for-all

Every friday we do an open-topic post for weekend. This is a chance to post stories, news and interesting links we’ve noticed throughout the week. Heres a few to get you started:

-Everybody wants to move here
-Lets blow up BC place
-More Canadian women buying
-Olsen: Will Vancouver’s market cool?
-Landlords, check your property every month
-Canadian economic growth slows
-Selling Vancouver, investing in US
Foreclosure Pets

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news, links and anecdotes here!

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Ok so is there two andreas's on this board?

Anyways I know someone thats renting out their place at the pinnicle furnished for 2500 a month. 1 bedroom too. Funny eh?

Ignore the Jackass

anon, there's an image to the left of each comment name, when I see a krrsh comment I just click that to make it go away. I long ago gave up trying to make sense of his/her comments. I wish there was a way to just filter them all out automatically.


Wow, it's extremely painful reading krrish1/Krisshh. Usually I come here for a bit of quick reading (the Vancouver Condo articles are great) but increasingly it's becoming a bit of job translating each of his comments into English…most of time I can't ๐Ÿ™‚

Seriously, you might be the best investor the world has ever seen but a couple of courses in spelling, grammar and English couldn't hurt.




Thanks, my eyes have been filled now get lost!


Get out of here, no one agrees with you or wants to hear what you have to say because you’re a fool.


you could be right and you will be able to confuse this thread by throwing insult on some one repeatedly only in a case if their is no one to put clip on your lips here are Anecdotal Evidence to fill your eyes.


My source, Informer, told me that you live with your Mum in a rented one bedroom unit downtown and have never had a job. So why would anyone take you seriously? You have no answers you're a troll.

My source tells me you spend your days hanging out with your Mum while envisioning yourself as a brilliant real estate investor.

Get out of here, no one agrees with you or wants to hear what you have to say because you're a fool.


Hey BTK, I heard he lives with his mum, his sister and his girlfriend.

Of course, I also hear his mum sister and girlfriend are all the same person.


OK BOSS,I mean boss oh not clear yet eh ok brother of sexy sister(boss).just kidding.


you guys got lots of attitudes to show if some one respond to your question you like to yell in exchange of information you guys showing attitudes fwiw my answer is right so take a chill pill.



You have nothing useful to say. Babbling and capering around like some kind of gimp isn't the same as having a rational conversation.



I know it's hurt when we read some extra ordinary comment mostlikely when we do not know our socaity what ever is there I have been very sensored about info while other are picking up fire out of comments the Industry we are talking about does not have just one perticular Items but lot and lots in the category.

If the posters are senseful we should understand the soul of comment and leave that sensored with a great sense of humor we should accept the soul issue unanimously.anyway if it does not hurt you, you can check the graph down there.


So to recap, Krisshh has written a rap for us and it explains everything we need to know.

Congratulations krissh!

Your work is done. Now get off this board and go get a job


Wow Krrish, it's pretty hard to make fun of you, when you're pretty clearly off your rocker.



I don't like spread dust on this thread but if you can hear my song in the first post you can get lots of discription about any advance city of this world.

Luxury is definitley cheap when lingery is expensive go here the song Vancouver Condo knows how to party.

Mold City

So if I understand you Krrish (that would be a first) you're saying that prostitutes will keep vancouver prices high and eventually lead to real returns for investors buying today?

Hahahahaha! ๐Ÿ˜› You crack me up little buddy!


Hey that's what I thought he was saying too.

Well it would certainly bring new meaning to "getting screwed in the real estate market…."


Who pays that for a 1 bdrm?


Answer to your question is very simple but I can not display the contents here ever looked at the back page of newspaper.first category is genuine rich people who actually can afford.second category is back page of news paper who are making it affordable so in that sense luxury is cheap for them.there will be more dust so i will shut my mouth here.

Anyway there are 41 percent single and 41% married people.on this page womens got an edge over mens those were little hints.


God you're an idiot. So you're saying the tranny hookers who advertise in the back of the paper are buying places for 90 bucks a night?

REALLY rich people don't pay 2500 bucks a month for shitty downtown condos you f**king idiot, they stay in luxury hotels, places like the Harbourfront Westin.

And BTW, shitty downtown condos with shitty Ikea furniture aren't "luxury". Real luxury means things like maid service, room service, expensive linens and top notch service.

I'm starting to think "luxury" is a way to drain stupid people of money. Luxury now seems to mean shitty made in China products that vulgar people buy in order to feel wealthy.

Which explains a lot about Craigslist, I suppose.


I really need to eat! Available tonight! Spare change?


Sounds like krrish's little buddies are getting desperate. My GOD, 2250 a month? Who pays that for a 1 bdrm?

The best part is, greedy idiots like this will be the ones who take everyone else down. When they can't pay their mortages, these places will go into default and that will start the ball rolling.


I don't mean to sound like a know it all but I wrote a long tangent about this last week.

More recently Spectrum 1,2,3,4 and a few other buildings just flooded the market.

With thousands of units completing downtown in the next 18 months the rental market is already soft and will get even softer!

The only people who can't get into a brand new unit , for cheap,right now (i.e. spectrum, coopers lookout etc.) are those with seriously delinquent credit histories.

Patiently Waiting

I notice less of the insane asking prices for rentals. More willingness to negotiate (OBO), less restrictions like "no pets", and occasionally some desperate wording.


Is it just me or did rents in vancouver drop significantly?


the Harper Magazine article:

good find! jadeeast


If anyone hasn't they should pick up the latest Harpers magazine to read the article on the "next bubble". A very interesting read, I'll give a hint it isn't gold.


I agree with Krrish! California cities off over 20% in the last 2 years? Who cares? It can't happen here, because we have great weather!!!!!!


P.S. I can't login either.


I was trying to assist this board since last three year but had multiple shots on my head in response,

you are still here so obviously not hard enough on the multiple shots on your head…….


the pop you have screwd up login option

Sorry andrea this is Krrish1


The Pope, Thanks for your comment that’s what I was expecting you to come forward and recently I have notice vhb had pee in his pant on otherside he goes “I never print the date and time for crash”. The pope you guys should take responsibility if some one has stuck him self from buying some thing since last three year. we need some one to come forward and claim responsibility for your self or by individual posters. Scene has been proved to we true that Vancouver real estate poised to go up only,with low interest rates,no subprime mess,limted land mass and best place on earth every one wants to live here. The question is what is left and what we can do, I am going to put a solid information for the future of GV that population projection for… Read more ยป



"So how much of a fall are we in for? Will we see a graph like San Francisco, moving from $750K to $680 in one year (i.e. 10%)? Or will it be more like San Diego’s $510K to $410K (i.e. 20%)?"

Prices will fall to their inflation adjusted 1987 levels + or – 10%

In other words prices will fall to around 35% of what they currently are. Yes, I am saying houses are worth three times the rational value and prices will return to rational. As for timetables I've made guesses in the past and probably will in the future, but nobody really knows.


I agree those graphs have some big drops, but they are misleading when they don't show the run up to those peaks. Maybe people who bought 6 years ago are still up 100% (as an example).