New Year, New Site!

Hello and welcome to a revised Vancouver Condo Info! I was having some problems with blogger so I’m going to try out wordpress – I’m still working out some of the rough edges, but hopefully everything works.

I’ll be posting the standard Friday Free-for-all open topic post after this, but here’s the place to make comments about the new site format. Kudos? Complaints? Post ’em here!

Here’s a few of the new features happening with this site redesign:

-You can now reply directly to a comment, just click ‘reply to this comment’
-I can auto moderate older posts – this means current posts show up, but spam on post older than 15 days has to be approved.
-Anyone can post, but if a bunch of garbage posts show up from one IP it can be banned.
-You can send in anonymous notes via the feedback form on the general information page.

Things that will likely be changing, but I’m happy to hear feedback on:

-The color scheme
-Graphics in general
-Minor useability issues

I hope you enjoy the new site and have an excellent new year!

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Nesting comments are fine though most blogs I visit are linear. The issue is many will still keep linear posts and some will thread, making the whole thing a bit more messy.

If everyone adhered to nesting comments properly I'm all for it, otherwise linear is best. IMHO.

Either way I'll get used to it. Comments RSS is great.


Hell ya, Blogger sucks. I was on Blogger for a very short time and then switched to WordPress.


Nice update to the site!

casual observer

Reply to Spoofing Issue Resolved, posted in this thread as per Pope's request

Thanks Pope, for addressing that issue, and for all the work you do in keeping this blog up and running. BTW, registering does not allow you to delete your own previously posted comments. At least I couldn't figure out how to do it.


Hi Pope

Great site, easy to read with the white background. I have lurked here for quite a while, and enjoy your comments and the 'crowd' also. I have been in RE for over 25 years, my father was in the biz. Try to remember Whistler lots going for $175,000 my Dad developed Whitegold, Emerald Estates etc. I have been in and out (currently out) of RE for years. I have a very hard time helping young couples buy their first home (a lot of disclosure is needed) before you hand them the shovel and let them bury themselves. The market sucks…..I am waiting on the sidelines for the big enema…it is going to be f*cking BRUTAL. I am in cash and metals.

Congrats on this 'better' site.

Best Wishes



great move, I was having problems with blogger too.


how to use my blogger's id here

or do i've to register with wordpress?


Nice job pope. I like the change. I have also thought about switching too but I'm being lazy! As long as the colors are clean and in keeping with your theme I'm not picky.


Yeah, I miss you as the pope, but otherwise I like it a lot.


It's weird seeing you as VanCon and not Pope… I don't like that so much. Otherwise the site is great, my little experience in the blogging realm makes me like wordpress better than blogger.


There are many options.


Maybe you ought to just ignore me your eminence, my wife certainly does.

Don't mind my high falutin' comments, like all babes and fools, I know not of what I speak (a little biblicality for your eminence).

The site is as cool as ever.

Cabernet Sauvignon, over and out.


"I’ll try to edit stratamans comment to set it back in order."

Damn there goes my aliby! 🙂


The template does not seem to put things in order (my comment was inserted before earlier ones). strataman's comment shows to be posted at 3 AM, and your response 5 hours earlier.

strataman, where on earth are you (physically)?


I've been bandying about the idea of going to WordPress for a while, but so far have no real complaints about Blogger (and, I'm overcome by inertia…).

It is a bit jarring, but perhaps that is good.

I might say that the colours are a bit acidic, but then again, maybe I am just so attached to the old paradigm.

I'll still read you 5 times a day.

Maybe I'll photoshop something for your header.

Mold City

I think I like it, but I reserve judgment. I'm slow to adapt to change. 🙂

Some of the new features sound good though!


Mostly I like the time travel I've already seen 3:00 am tomorrow and I've just started the wine! 🙂


i don't like the color scheme.


Looks good Pope!Wordpress does have an attractive simplicity to it. Think you have to come up with a picture on the opening banner that fits your personality!