repairs: 1350 w. 6th ave

‘king leaky’ sent in a batch of condo repair pictures from Fairview, a neighborhood particularly hard hit by the leaky condo debacle.  I’ll be posting the others over the next couple of weeks, This first one is located at 1350 west sixth avenue and looks sort of majestic with its soaring scaffolding.

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Do 5 – 10 leaking units constitute a leaky high-rise building?
Rosario already full of holes?

Published: Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"… engineering review identified previous water damage not related to the plane crash. In other words, the building leaks."


In the late 90's, I was in the market for a condo & the toss-up was a studio in the then-new "Space" building on Seymour or a 2BR/2BTH 950sqft condo in Surrey … I went w/ the Surrey choice & had 4.5 years of hell living there. The condo wasn't leaky, but squeaky … I finally had enough & sold in 2001 & kicked myself for not moving into the concrete building downtown. I then was in the market again & looked at a unit for sale in Space, & was told of an upcoming $1 million+ assessment on it (something about the tiles used on the building's exterior were 'indoor tiles' & water had seeped behind them) … I didn't think a concrete highrise was prone to leaks, but I was proven wrong. At least I stopped kicking myself… Read more »

waiting for pie

Yes unfortunately concrete buildings leak as well and they are very expensive to fix – look at this shot of 1188 Richards for an example of what a concrete tower undergoing repairs looks like. This is from the photos page on this site.


is there a builiding in Fairview that has NOT leak repairs?


I read the entire Barrett Commission reports. In every single leaky condo case they looked into, the problem that caused the leaks was due to fraud or poor workmanship. Every single case. My old condo, prior to me moving in was repaired due to leakiness. I read the entire engineer's report on the problem and the repairs. My building came down to weak design for one part of the leaks, which coupled with poor workmanship allowed water in. For the other major sources of water ingress in my building, it was due to pathetically-poor workmanship. The workers and foremen must've been green and stoned, or something. The main outcomes of the Barrett reports were: -Mandatory 2-5-10 warranties by actual insurance companies (as opposed to the industry-run New Home Warranty program that went bust). -No PST on leaky condo repairs. -Low/no-interest… Read more »



You can find a non comprehensive list here:

It doesn't include construction dates but there's some info there.


Was just doing some reading, apparently some buildings that are less than 2 years old are already leaking. Give it 5 years and the whole '80s shitpile will happen all over again, but this time the owners will be in for twice as much cash.

Sucks to be gullible I guess.

Ed Bear

I'm sure the masses of barely-skilled workers who have flooded construction sites over the past few years have all been carefully supervised to produce top-notch work, and there will be no significant issues with construction quality.


Makes me think about all that tax-payer money wasted on the Royal commission into leaky condos 10 or so years ago – it seems to have been money well spent!


DaMann, I think thats right – I used to work near there, Its at the foot of Hemlock street near the Granville st. bridge and I think its less than 10 years old. There are a lot of buildings down there though so we could be mistaken.

Is there a database of condo addresses anywhere that you can check construction dates and repair data? That would be very handy. I know building age can be found on the MLS if a unit in the address is listed (this one doesnt seem to be)


IF this is the one I'm thinking about then it was only built around 5-7 years ago. Not sure though.


How old is the building? Hard to tell from the picture 🙂


They don't call it the Fairview Leaks for nothin'