That wasn’t the market crashing.

The site was down for most of the day, perhaps in sympathy with world markets. I’ve got it mostly restored, but lost a fair amount of comments and a few posts. Let me know if you find anything not working, other than that its back to normal.

I’ll try restoring the market prediction thread comments soon, but they come from individual email backups so its a time consuming hassle. I’m working on a more consistent automated backup system. Just goes to show, the crash can come out of nowhere!

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saw our financial adviser today

conservatively diversified portfolio

down approx .25% of total market drop…

interesting convo: absolutely fascinating insight into daily bank proceedings in a volatile market.

overall impression is RE is going down to match fundamentals with a touch of the "Vancouver" factor…..

we live in interesting time…..


Pretty good! You missed a couple of krriish comments that made it back in though..crash it again okay? 🙂