repairs: 960 w. 6th Ave

This unit in the building located at 960 west sixth avenue looks a bit like its got a shower cap on.. As if its just gotten out of the bath and is getting ready for a night on the town.

Send your tarp and scaffolding covered condo repair photos in to for inclusion in the photo gallery.

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doug r

Comment by blueskies

2008-02-07 20:13:40

…and we never ever get hurricanes 🙂

Just ask the old-timers about Tropical Storm Freda:

Michael Randallbard

Could the Moderator of this site please re-name this section

"The Best Wettest Place on Earth"?


cont'd the article:

"Nobody thought it would ever end. They were wrong."


interesting site:

Waiting For The Pop-Vancouver’s Pending Real Estate Crash


Yep I don't mind if you have cheery picked one perticular "natural disaster" we are here to disscuss housing related things we don't have type of disaster which damage the property worth $16 billion to often. I have no plan to cut your comment but show me an example of Hurricane,katrina,charlie and blah blah most recent tornado. "Residents of this tiny Arkansas town were thankful to be alive Thursday as they began a huge clean-up operation after a band of tornados ripped across southern states, killing 55 people. The neighbors were on their porch, they said they saw the house going up in the air and explode." we are not experiencing any pain of damage while USA and Indonasia expereiencing too often, People buy homes for peace of mind I think our leaky condo is still a best bet than… Read more »


You're a fucking idiot. I really think that's all that needs to be said.


…and we never ever get hurricanes 🙂


Except the one that levelled half of Halifax a couple of years ago….


Not victims of we are not American cities those are victim of Natural Disaster

Where do earthquakes occur?

Earthquakes occur all over the world; however, most occur on active faults that define the major tectonic plates of the earth. 90% of the world's earthquakes occur along these plate boundaries (that represent about 10% of the surface of the earth). The "Ring of Fire" circling the Pacific Ocean, and including Canada's west coast, is one of the most active areas in the world. *****

We get 200 earthquakes a year. Maybe you wish to re-phase that "we are not victims of disaster so far"


Yet another reason we will escape the recession – the vancouver tarp making business is still booming.

Not sure if these guys are still around, but a long while back they compiled (and sent me ) a list of all the known leaky condos. Someone should resurrect the site – I'd gladly pay for a current list at some point.


"California has high paying jobs, a nice climate and people want to move there too so it’s going to quadruple this year".

No, since the wisemens are coming to know that they are drinking recycling water from glycol recovery shhhs those are running to buy in Vancouver B.C.

California stink with smell of marlboro and industrial gases now it's right time for them to buy here.


but we have our own Canadian cities- we are not American cities those are victim of Natural Disaster,Threats,Subprime Mess,Gambling Addiction,and Feild Wars.


Only triple?

It'll quadruple because I say so.

No math required

Miami has population growth so it'll clearly triple this year too. California has high paying jobs, a nice climate and people want to move there too so it's going to quadruple this year. No math required!

"leak is a bothration but still fixing our things is a part of life."


Lager not Logger, Assessment for repair is miner because of insurance “Insurance for Owners Of Strata Plan ### Building name”. property management buy this insurance from the part of maintenance fee that's mean you are already paying some amount for coverage and anything left over is miner share from each owner calculated by the size of your unit. example, if you own a unit size 600 sq.ft. your assessment will be half than those who own 1200 sq.ft. Assessment for envelop change is big but preety much update you as you have bought a unit with brand new exterior. The value of your unit will update with construction matterial and labour cost. Tax, is confirm but as long as you own just one place at a time ,your every new place will be your principle resident. when you sell or… Read more »

Lager not Logger

Value will be triple for sure without any math

Yes, that is 'without any math' for sure. Tell me, does your lack of math lead you to disregard inconvenient things like assessments, repairs, taxes and transaction costs to arrive at your forecast of 'profit'?


I believe It's his stupidity and greed, rather than a lack of math skills.

Krrish and people like him are now so rapaciously greedy that nothing, not common sense or logic or prudent warnings will stop them from chasing that pot of gold right off a cliff.


"sell at a loss on completion…..sound business plan!"


I should have avoid a bussiness plan but do you know some spicy headlines can encourage you to buy the whole news paper.


Value will be triple for sure without any math and population will be double for sure and that is also without any math so far by 2031.


In the 1790's Trinidads population tripled!

This means 388 Drake will triple too!

I too would buy a leaky condo but every time I go to buy one (cash in hand) I get pushed out of the way by the wise men lining up to buy….


Be optimistic Blueskies.

The olympics are coming, that unit will triple in the next few months.

Rich people from Trinidad will hear that Vancouver is hosting the Olympics, and since they're all rich they'll all buy ex leaky condos for $7 million each.

That way whenever they want to vacation here for a few weeks they'll have a place.


Buy Leaky Condo fix them and become rich by selling them.

388 Drake St.

Buy leaky condo, pay $120K assessment, live with remediation scaffolding and blue tarps for 18-24 months sell at a loss on completion…..

sound business plan!


Buy Leaky Condo fix them and become rich by selling them.

Some 860 condominiums sold in January, a near 12-per-cent increase from the same month a year ago.

The so-called benchmark price for a typical apartment was $378,336, an almost 14-per-cent increase from January 2007. However, sales of detached homes, at 641, were down 7.8 per cent from January 2007. The benchmark price of $742,490 was almost 16 per cent higher than a year ago.

Sales of townhouses, at 318 units, were down almost seven per cent from January 2007. The benchmark price of $462,627 was up 12 per cent from the same month a year ago.