Vancouver Condo Discussion Forum

speechbubble1.jpgI’ve started up a discussion forum at

I’ve been testing this for a bit and some of you have already found it. It seems to be working fine, so I figured I might as well go ahead and make a front page anouncement about it.

We get a range of topics going in the blog comments and they don’t always relate to the posting topic. I don’t mind this personally, but sometimes the secondary topics are more interesting and could use some extra focus. The forum will let you start your own topics and add images and video material.

The forum is limited to registered users, but if you’ve registered for the blog your login information should work for the forum. You can also create an account for the forum and not for the blog, whichever you prefer.

I’ve divided the forum up into the four following subheadings, any feedback about these is welcome:

Real Estate & Economics – The main topic of this blog

The City of Vancouver – anything NOT related to real estate

Vancouver Condos – Postings on specific condo developments

Suggestion Box – Complaints or requests for changes to this site.

note: registration is only required on the forums.ย  previously registered users on the blog should be pre-registered for the forums, but new users will have to register here. Registering for the blog will not give you a forum account at this time, I’ll try to fix that when I have time.

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Vancouver condos

It is a good idea with a forum. There are already more of them. It's very time intensive for me to search there but since I am Vancouver realtor it is also a very valuable source of information. Keep working on it. You started a good project.


heart warming RE valentine story

How do you seduce a Vancouver woman? Whisper sweet mortgages in her ear. ๐Ÿ™‚

Patiently Waiting

If you want to see what high strata fees do to condo prices, watch the speculator nightmare unfold at San Marino in New West.

Here is one 813 sq.ft. unit that has dropped from $299,900 to $265,000. MLS# V681163

Strata fee for this NEW condo: $350.66



And nobody would want to buy any of those empty places because of the huge strata fees

Oh sure they would. They would just deduct the fees from the price they would otherwise be willing pay.

Remember folks – it's all about the price.


from Satan's linked article.

"Mainly, there is a fear that homeowners association dues would be very high on the few people who would be in there."

I never thought about that… If your building is 1/2 empty because everyone abandoned their deposits you're stuck with the normal doubling of strata fees and ANOTHER doubling to cover the empty half's costs… Holy crap that could add up for some of the yet to be completed projects! And nobody would want to buy any of those empty places because of the huge strata fees… Nasty.


Some news from Miami – vancouver's twin bubble city

BankUnited blacklists 191 condo projects.

South Florida Business Journal.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008 – 3:59 PM EST

Interested buyers looking for mortgages to buy units in Miami's Opera Tower, Everglades on the Bay or Four Ambassadors shouldn't bother approaching BankUnited. The Miami-based bank has included them on a list of 191 condo projects it won't write loans for.

Now look at a couple of the high rise condos – don't they remind you of vancouver?



Works good Pope I was able to log in. Good idea the forums!


I registered for your blog (via WordPress) but am unable to login to the forum.


What an idiot writing that article. The "root cause", using hindsight to say that ONE THING was the root cause of something so complex as the housing bubble is beyond assenine if you want to make THAT many cognitive leaps why don't you go to the REAL root cause of the housing crisis. The Big Bang. Or God, depending on your perspective. Yes, in a sense GW's insane overreaction to Sept 11 and the liberties he took in the name of, "protecting America from the terrorists." were a big factor but wouldn't it make more sense to blame Barbara and George Sr. for the mess their son made? Or how about the Supreme Court for creating their own private dictatorship by ordering a stop to the Florida recount? GW and Co. would have tried to push their agenda through anyhow,… Read more ยป


mk good find on the housing terrorists!

this morning some "terrorists" blew up the Starbucks on Broadway…

where was the Dept of Homeland Defence when you really need it? ๐Ÿ™‚


OT but interesting nonetheless…

Apparently sheer greed & stupidity aren'tthe causes of the housing mess, it's the terrorists! Of course!