FVREB alters inventory count for May

Thanks to Gadwin who sent this info in: The FVREB statistics package for May 2008 has been released, you can get the PDF here. With the huge listings increase we’ve seen in Vancouver you’d expect the Fraser Valley to see a fair increase in inventory as well right?

Nope. Total FVREB listings for April 2008 was 11,111. At the end of May that grew to a total of 11,133. Thats a total monthly inventory increase of only 22 listings and a big difference from the monthly increase of over 2000 units in Greater Vancouver. They must be selling like hotcakes out in the Fraser Valley!

…well not exactly.

Apparently they just changed the way the total inventory is counted. Its all explained in this small footnote found at the bottom of page 3 of the above linked PDF:

Footnote: * As of May 2008, an adjustment was made to our active listings calculation to ensure it captures only Fraser Valley listings. Previous calculations inadvertantly included Fraser Valley member listings in other Board jurisdictions. As active listings are a constantly moving target, we are unable to generate revised active listings for previous reporting periods.

Too bad their system doesn’t keep track of historical active listings data, that would make the revision of the old numbers a snap. I guess we’ll only have apples to apples comparison for Fraser Valley inventory going forward.

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Drachen: Thanks for the concern, and normally I'd agree…but you know, life happens. This is not an investment per-se, but more a matter of needing a place to live, where renting would be problematic. At least we settled on a nice place in Pitt Meadows, where the price seemed within the realm of sanity, a little closer to what the fundamentals would indicate.

It'll be a helluva commute to downtown every day, but at least the mortgage won't completely kill us. ๐Ÿ˜‰


strataman: ozzie keeps it simple, i don't think he's too big on predictions, etc. a lot of "there are no good or bad markets, only good or bad deals", "cashflow", "inflation hedge", typical real estate investing stuff. he is more bearish than people may realize, he did say years ago he wouldn't touch downtown condos with a ten foot pole.


"b-paul is assuming his audience here knows fuck all about ozzie jurock" Really? I like Ozzie! doesn't mean I worship him,Paul is basically right take a look at Ozzies MSM comments especially in the last few months …no pre-emptive warnings in THAT media that buying now is dangerous..doesn't have to say "bad" just alert people to the fact that they better know their sh***. Paul did never said don't buy, but said in subtle ways "think a bit" don't follow like a frickin lemming come up with a real reason why (for example)we won't follow the states not some blather! Make it work if you buy here are the stats do with them what you will…which brings me to a VERY pertinent point…OZZIE has a hell of a lot more resources then PAUL so why wasn't HE bringing us the… Read more ยป



dingus Says:


“I” before “e” except after “c”, big guy.

Dingus remember something SATV thinks that means AFTER C any where even six paragraphs away! ๐Ÿ™‚ SATV I Before E IF THE LETTER RIGHT BEFORE IS NOT C THAT'S RIGHT NEXT TO IT ON THE LEFT>>>RIGHT? ๐Ÿ™‚


sidelines: thanks for trying to understand my post. strataman: ozzie seminars? nah, not interested in condos in prince rupert! dingus: indeed the word assclown has probably run its course. mold city and similar: glad you took an interest in my post but lets focus on the original subject. paul's ozzie comment can only be explained with two possibilities: a-paul knows fuck all about ozzie jurock or b-paul is assuming his audience here knows fuck all about ozzie jurock. paul appears to have a good work ethic and does his homework. he would be a good agent. the comment he made wouldn't help his cause. i called him on it, he would probably agree in hindsight. assclowns that are trying to construe anything different out of my post either don't know fuck all about ozzie jurock and/or didn't see the global… Read more ยป


You're buying a house??? This is like THE peak. At no other time would you have been worse off purchasing than RIGHT NOW.

Unless you won millions in the lottery and just don't care that you're throwing money away there is no reason to buy now.


It is "some kinda batshit nuts", but possibly getting better. Even if the prices are still outta whack, at least movement is slowing down to the point where "bidding wars" are less common, you actually have time to do some research on a property you're putting an offer in on, and you can find some haggle room. A couple of years ago, it was "subjects? what subjects? Either you're gonna buy it outright today, or one of the half-dozen other people standing outside will."

Now it's getting a little more like a normal market, where people are being more cautious on both sides.

(I'm buying a house this week, so I've been steeped in the local market for the last several weeks)


"dingu thats my name i am not chief mini….."

Well thanks for the authentic handcrafted gibberish.

Anyhoo, what does everyone think of housing, is it some kinda batshit nuts, or what! (Discuss)


>“I” before “e” except after “c”, big guy.

Heh, maybe he meant to spell it as "Chef" without the i ๐Ÿ™‚


dingu thats my name i am not chief mini…..



"I" before "e" except after "c", big guy.


Oh right I forgot, Vancouver, through an odd quirk of geography happens to be the only place on earth where the economy and the real estate do not depend on even our closest neighbours.

Weren't you the one who posted something about commercial real estate in New Delhi? SATV/Thumbsup/Krrish/Cheif. Are you done switching handles yet? You know we'll always figure out it's you within a post or two because you're just that predictable.

By the way I like how you can't even spell your new handle correctly. She-if


"another posting from the cut n paste pseudo-analyst"

I think we are vancouverites but stats were a post for fraser velley ๐Ÿ˜€ did you talk to the pope?spoke to him about your concern about vancouver? you sitting in the denial to angry stage you don't like to see the numbers if they are UP or try your best ask your friends to hold your forehead http://www.realtylink.org/hpi/rebgvhpistats.cfm?d


another posting from the cut n paste pseudo-analyst satv…

hey… we missed you man!


"He is probably bitter the market has turned and is bitter at Paulb because of it"

Detached $771,321 in April to $771,250 in May.

Attached rose from $477,900 in April to $478,931.

Apartments rose from $389,070 in April to $389,668.

">sitting in the denial to angry stage I would imagine!"-Spit on Gadwin.


Is Cheif the new SATV?

No, Cheif is the old SATV.

of course most real estate agents are bullish or neutral

So you're suggesting that realtors never look at market fundamentals or adjust their outlook based on whats currently happening? A realtor should only blindly believe that buying real estate at any price is a fantastic idea?

If a realtor believes the local market is overpriced do you think they should quit and go into a whole new line of work? Do you agree with every aspect of the industry you work in or are you being hypocritical?


>Strataman Says:

>Stagnate paid for a lot of seminars at Ozzie’s, probably

>sitting in the denial to angry stage I would imagine!

No doubt! He is probably bitter the market has turned and is bitter at Paulb because of it, LOL


Is Cheif the new SATV?


I think the use of "assclown" should trigger Godwin's rule.

Lager not Logger

i suppose he’s turned away all his buying clients the last few years

Since when is it a realtors responsibility to tell a client to buy or not to buy? That's the buyers decision.


"I don’t give a shit if paul thinks it’s a bubble or not; so i suppose he’s turned away all his buying clients the last few years."


I am agree with you,keep up the good work.


Good work,You are a voice of Vancouver.Warren and Stagnate are

"A Statement of Originality and Confidentiality"


Hey Stagnate, Dear God, man, you can't even string together a coherent sentence, let alone an argument. First, your “debating” consists of defining Paulb’s comment as “dumb.” Then, you go on with some gibberish about how since you don’t care about his views regarding real estate (bubble, no bubble), you conclude that he has “turned away all his buying clients??” Right, okay… You follow that with a rhetorical question (I think) regarding whether bearishness is compatible with being an RE agent, the point of which is a mystery. Next, you assert that most RE agents are bullish or “neutral.” One is left curious (not really) as to how you, in your wisdom (that’s was hard to say), define “neutral.” Finally, you round out your declaration by advising “ass clowns” not “compound [their] idiocy” by making more “dumb” (how about a… Read more ยป


"and I sprayed coffee outta my nose laughing so hard." Stagnate paid for a lot of seminars at Ozzie's, probably sitting in the denial to angry stage I would imagine! ๐Ÿ™‚


stagnate said "[…]but you should know what you’re talking about" in regards to PaulB's comments, and I sprayed coffee outta my nose laughing so hard.


"“Analysts say a housing market collapse here is unlikely, thanks to California’s job and population growth trends and its constrained geography up against mountains, ocean and the Mexican border.” (Down over 20% from peak statewide).

"“Analysts say a housing market collapse here is unlikely, thanks to Hong Kong’s job and population growth trends and its constrained geography up against mountains, ocean and the Chinese border.” (50% bust in late 90's).

Nuff said.

Oh BTW they were saying the same thing about Vancouver in 1981 too.