What is Sticker-Flicker?

stickerflickerSticker-Flicker is a term coined by Arit in last weekends Friday free-for-all post to describe a real estate sales sign that has a ‘sold’ sticker applied, removed, and then applied again in any number of cycles.  This is a phenomena I’ve increasingly noticed myself lately in front of apartments, townhomes and houses around town.

There are a number of theories about the root cause of Sticker-Flicker ranging from a conspiracy to make it appear more sales are taking place to overzealous realtors applying the sold sticker upon recieving an offer, only to see the deal fall through.

Personally I believe its likely the latter. I have very little confidence in the organizational skills of people when it comes to conspiracy and I don’t really see the point anyways. The fact remains that we have over 20,000 places for sale in Greater Vancouver right now, the sellers market is over.  Would Sticker-Flicker really motivate someone to buy?

But maybe there’s something I’m missing.  What do you think- Have you noticed this phenomena?  What causes Sticker-Flicker?

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Sold sign on this place http://tinyurl.com/553e6p for awhile. The web page was last updated Jul 3rd so I guess it has been there for 1 month.



Not to mention protection, the oldest and best reason to pay taxes. If we lived without taxes (ie in a state of anarchy) any warlord could come and take your things, your family, your life at a whim. People who whine about taxes as much as islander are just too stupid to consider the alternatives.

But then islander's already proven his lack of intelligence by proposing that, if no services were offered to homeless people, they'd all just go away.


"People pay, what, a few thousand bucks once every 5-25 years to sell their biggest asset. But they pay tens of thousands of dollars every year to the government. In the former instance, they have a choice to avoid realtor fees. In the latter instance, if they choose to avoid taxes"

uh, we get health care and fire services and library services and road maintenance and police in return for the taxes. what do you offer?


C/S sticker is a way of telling lookie-loos that an offer is in place. It is a courtesy to buyers and realtors so they don't chase a property is only nominally available. Doesn't mean a buyer can't look at it. Or make an offer. But they'll be in a backup position at best. Many buyers and realtors are offended if they spend time on a listing only to learn later that it's conditionally sold. Sold stickers are only supposed to go on once the deal is firm. It's possible, even after all conditions are waived, for a buyer to decline to follow through on a transaction. There are consequences, of course, but it's not unheard of. So a Sold sticker could get peeled off. shikko Says: July 31st, 2008 at 9:46 am Are there any similarities between the flickered “for… Read more »


the source said:

Was last July not an unusually high number? Look at the historical data. To say this July is historically low is incorrect.

Okay, please look at this chart: http://tinyurl.com/5b66q4

Now please tell us what ruler or equation leads to the claim that 2400 (July 2008 sales) > 4900, 2750, 3600 (July 2007, 2006, 2005 sales respectively).

Amanda W (aka Mandyc

No problems at all 🙂 Glad you were able to use it for this article.


the source

"the historical data."

As I've been trying to point out (I guess I'm too subtle for you) 'history' means different things to different people.

It's completely accurate to say, "Historically Vancouver has had a population of under a thousand."

Or, "Historically Vancouver has had no real estate market. If you wanted a house you picked a nice piece of land and built one!"

You've got to specify what bit of history you mean and preferably provide some data.

the source

Was last July not an unusually high number? Look at the historical data. To say this July is historically low is incorrect.


41. Shiko

Do you mean Shiko Shiko?




They've been doing sticker flicker for the longest time. Even during the booming years back from 2004 to 2007. I went many BOSA and Polygon development pre-sales. One week I go there and they have only two units left on the second floor, the next week they have another unit on the third, the next week they have two on the first floor, the next week they have two more on the second floor. And this will go one for weeks and weeks.


the source said:

Sales numbers are still above historical norms. Realtors having trouble keeping up. Prices to lag inflation rate but poised to slowly move up.

Sales numbers are always above historical norms…unless they aren't. So please, tell us where we can see your data. Or do you not have any?

This July was one of the strongest in history for sales.

Must be opposite day.


The Source

"This July was one of the strongest in history for sales."

Yes, and if you count history back to Egyptian times we're looking at a month that's in the top 1%! Given the recent market conditions there is an exponential need for buyers and as sales show the actual number of buyers is dropping off from the last few years. Of course if you take pretty good sales and add them to record breaking listings you still have the recipe for a crash. In this case sales that are merely 'good' are like a pile of feather pillows trying to stop the listings locomotive.

Amanda W (aka Mandyc

Interesting article…I'm glad you were able to use my photo as an example.


The sold sticker is for the Realtor to get a new listing. Wouldn't you list with a Realtor that has been successful selling?


This July was one of the strongest in history for sales.

The Source, you're kidding right? Or is that kool aid you're drinking?


Numbers are up for July, it was the LOWEST amount of sales for that month in years.


"Sales numbers are still above historical norms."

Year to date sales are strong. Total sales by revenue is indeed high and above historical norms. However July sales by units sold are the lowest since 2000. In 2000, July sales were around 1600 or so. the source is right: still a long way to go for this bad boy to be called horrendous. But we're well on our way.

Get your affairs in order if you rely on real estate to make a living. It's not too late to save some reserves just in case.


Here's a listing I couldn't figure out. MLS# V707115 – listed at $649 – sold for $575. Basically a tear down in New West in an average New West neighbourhood. Lot value is probably around $500 – so I was surprised to see it go for $575.

A second listing MLS# V721464 – now at listed at $597. Shows the same owners as before the 'sale'.

Anyone know what the heck is going on here?

the source

Drachen, do your homework chump, you are obviously someone who can't afford to buy a residence and has some bitterness. This July was one of the strongest in history for sales.


Whoa, just spotted another dreamer! MLS v699182 has been on the market for over 200 days having started at 1,099,000 and then a few drops to $998,000. After such a long time, they have just re-listed for a third time MLS v726179 but this time at $1,102,500.

I personally have looked at this townhouse; it has the smallest most useless deck with no view… there is no wonder it is a dog below 1 mil but cranking it up to 1.1M???

I notice they changed REALTORs (TM) to Gordon Marony "A Delta area REALTOR and former BCREA (2004-05) president… Oh, he's a Delta agent trying to sell a townhouse in Yaletown, maybe that explains why he has no idea how to price…


Yes, in 1850 housing sales were actually significantly slower than the current trend.

Realtors are having trouble keeping awake at their empty open houses.

Prices are falling, rapidly. They will likely continue to fall rapidly until a few years from now when things will finally land. Those without parachutes will go >>>splat<<<

the source

Sales numbers are still above historical norms. Realtors having trouble keeping up. Prices to lag inflation rate but poised to slowly move up.



"Tijuana donkey show"

I thought your move was the 'angry pirate'.


those long time sold stickers represents Realtors buying up the property and used for advertisements I see a couple along slocan. They have been up for the longest time and they are right in front of a dump…can't miss it